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Dream Like a Star

Apr 23 2015 / E-Newsletter Archive

Each of you, your being, your existence, is like a star. There's so many stars in the sky. And each one of those stars is shining and has it's own color. 

You have a soul that is like a star, and you have light that is like a star. How will you protect and keep and cultivate that light? That star shines only when you have a pure dream, a dream that most people in the world don't have. It's from that dream that the light shines. 


That light is also fragrance; it's the fragrance of life. It's the fragrance of strength of character. integrity, and conscience; it's that of your natural healing power. 


That same light and natural healing power is also the creative power that enables you to achieve your dreams. If you don't have a huge dream, how can you display your creative power? If you're always only doing what other people ask you to do, your soul can't be joyful. 


No one else can light the fire in your heart, the light of your soul, but you. When your heart is awake, that fire comes to life, and you'll have complete and perfect happiness. If you have a dream and you have the passion to achieve that dream, then you experience that complete happiness.



Ilchi Lee

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