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Shed Your Struggles with Light

Mar 14 2016 / E-Newsletter Archive

Light of Grace

If you keep failing to achieve your goals, your energy becomes heavy and stagnant. Don't worry, though. You can quickly clear away all heavy energy, victim mentality, apathy, and guilt. No conditions are necessary. Nor is preparation necessary. The only thing you have to do is receive the pure energy of the Source, and choose for it to happen that way. Ask for and receive grace. Through the love and blessings that come from the Source of all life, light up your original essence so that it is bright and shining.  

That energy comes from without, and it also resides within. It is your true value, and no matter how far you fall, there is nothing and no one who can damage it. Even your own guilt and victim mentality can never damage how precious you are. Do not doubt your preciousness and value for even a single moment.

When you are exhausted and struggling, remember who you really are underneath it all. There you will find the hope and answers you need. Then start moving toward your goals again, fresh and strong. 

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