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It's Always Your Choice

Jan 02 2018 / E-Newsletter Archive

People have the right to choose. Value is something you decide. It's not forced upon you. You choose who you are and what you want, and then you make the effort to live that way. You don't need to be elected. You don't need permission. You can just choose your own greatness. Believing in something outside of you is not enough. You need to realize that you also have brightness, divinity, and creative power.

By choosing and taking action, your brain cannot help but change to actualize your choice. Choose to live each day as though it were three days, or live each day like a week. Then, time and space will be adjusted to you. The time and space you experience depends on what you choose and design as you live.

If you keep choosing, day after day, you'll break through the barriers of your preconceptions so much that you'll be thunderstruck as you feel, "What have I been doing all this time?" If you plunge headlong into solving the problems you will inevitably face, then you will surely break through your roadblocks. The walls you break through will come tumbling down. Don't be scared; be dauntless in your breakthroughs and accept them with gratitude. 

Welcome each morning as you hear the sound of your barriers being smashed every day, and wrap up your day with gratitude.

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