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The Physical Power, Heart Power, and Brain Power of Earth Citizens

Jan 27 2018 / E-Newsletter Archive

Earth citizens training in nature

The soul is the goal.
The physical body is the means.


The goal is direction.
The means is speed.


Living life without a goal
is living without a soul.


What makes the physical body important is that the goal cannot be achieved without means.


Physical power is the means,
physical power is Life,
and Life is time.


Heart power is soul,
and brain power is the fusion of soul and body!


The goal is direction,
speed is the physical body,
and the results are the goal plus speed.


From the union of time (now) and space (here), my value and the value of my soul are made manifest.


The power to create is brain power.


An Earth Citizen is someone who endlessly strengthens their physical power, heart power, and brain power through training 
to express their soul in the here and now by achieving their goals.

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