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To Concede Is a Virtue

Jun 13 2018 / E-Newsletter Archive

Ilchi Lee - nature does not insist on walls

Nature does not insist on self.
Each one of us glows with the beauty of each other.

Only human beings constantly build walls.
We draw a border around us and fall into ourselves.

Where did our life come from?
We forget when we lose our connection to the Source, 
and we forget how to interact.

Because our connection is imperfect,
we fall into the illusion that it is a lonely existence.
Then it's easier to become obsessed with jealousy,
competition, ownership, and domination.

When we look at someone with jealousy,
speak ill of someone with talent,
cannot applaud when someone does well,
or cannot concede to someone who is doing better,
we've lost virtue.

Those who want to harm virtue and talented people,
are great thieves of humanity.

We shine when others shine.
We shine when we help others shine.
To concede to others and allow them to shine is virtuous.
It does not diminish our light.

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