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Your Story Is Important

Jul 19 2018 / E-Newsletter Archive


You have a story. What kind of story are you creating? Are you creating your dream?


Dreams turn on the light in your brain and supply it with fuel. They are a reflection of the inherent value you have and the values by which you choose to live.


To fully express your value, you need confidence and conviction. Your conviction determines your ability to choose your dream completely, again and again.


You shouldn’t forget about your value, even for a second. Be touched by your story, then your story will touch others. That also comes from your conviction.


If you feel you are not good enough or lack confidence in your value and dream, know that these are merely your preconceptions. You are building your own walls between yourself and your dream.


Instead, look deep inside your heart. Your dream and value are always there. Just as you need confidence and conviction to choose your dream and value, your confidence and conviction stem from your dream and value. Feel gratitude for them and trust them.


I hope you move forward and break down the blocks that are keeping you from creating your dream. As small blocks begin to break down, big ones will break down too. Whichever it may be, it is important to make a choice and put it to action.


I recently discovered a story of a young man who did that, which he tells himself in this video. Whatever obstacles he faced, he dissolved them with conviction in his dream for a better world. He knew his dream was bigger than his obstacles, both outside of himself and inside, and that enabled him to overcome them. This story inspired me and made me want to share it.

I hope you can share your story as well. What has inspired your dreams? How have you overcome blocks in your path? What changes do you continue to make in your life?

ChangeYourEnergy.com, an educational and holistic lifestyle website that I started, is hosting a social media contest right now called the Live 120 Years Book Story Fest. They are gathering stories related to my book, I've Decided to Live 120 Years. If part of your story includes this book, you can learn about the contest in this blog post.

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