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Introducing My New YouTube Channel

May 30 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive



It’s been several months since I wrote to you here. I have been traveling, giving lectures, and beginning new endeavors that are now bearing fruit. I’d like to share them with you, and start to send you weekly inspiration again.


One of those new initiatives is a simple but powerful YouTube channel called Brain Education TV (BETV). In daily videos, I and the hosts, Linda Yoonjin and Gabi Petrylaite, give you guided meditations, brain exercises, stretching, interviews, and podcasts for making the most of your brain and your life.


I talk about why I started BETV in this video: https://youtu.be/cOWLH5_EY9c


You may also like this video on using the 5 steps of my Brain Education method in a way that you just get it: https://youtu.be/iMf8K8cMvK8



As with everything I do, this channel is more than just a resource for brain exercises and meditations. It’s part of a larger movement that goes beyond the internet to take back your brain.


What does it mean to take back your brain? It means that instead of letting systems, preconceptions, and emotions rule your thoughts and behavior, you put your true self, the part that is essentially you, in charge of your brain. Then you can build a life that brings you heartfelt joy. And together we can create a peaceful and sustainable world.


We need the power of the people to drive this movement, and we can show our numbers when you subscribe to the channel. By subscribing, you'll be a part of the movement and become connected with content that drives something bigger than just ourselves towards global change.


SUBSCRIBE and join the movement. CLICK>> https://bit.ly/2QKgnje


Making the brain healthy is the answer, and Brain Education TV is your  source for such content.


Ilchi Lee

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