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Introducing My New Book

Jun 06 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive

Ilchi Lee Book - Connect




I'd like to ask you, when you’ve reached the end of a busy day, what do you feel in your heart? Do you feel confident that your life has direction or that you can overcome your challenges? Do you feel a sense of fulfillment—that you’re living the values that are meaningful to you? More than anything, do you feel that you truly love yourself?


The more I've reflected upon our common worries and deepest issues, the more an underlying cause became clear to me: our connection to ourselves has been cut.


It’s easy and normal to think that the causes of our problems are outside of us, but dig deeper, and you’ll ultimately find that they lie not in our relationship with other people or in some imperfection in the environment, but in our connection with ourselves. Yes, the earth suffers from pollution and the behaviors and words of others can be toxic, but the first order of business is our own inner world.


Once you understand that disconnection is the underlying cause of the gap between what you wish and your present reality, then the solution also becomes clearer. All you have to do is mend your broken connections.


How? I believe that the master key is in the human brain, and I offer Pineal Gland Meditation as an essential technique for awakening the brain.


In my new book, CONNECT: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation, I go deep into how to do Pineal Gland Meditation and recover your connection with your body, your true self, and with people and the world.


This book is already available for pre-order. I hope you can check it out at ConnectbyIlchi.com.




Ilchi Lee

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