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My Friend, My Brain

Jun 11 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive

Connect with your brain

Physiology and medicine study the brain as an ordinary organ. I would like to introduce another way to think about your brain. Treat your brain as a personality, as a being with character, as a being with a divine nature.
When you think of your brain this way, it becomes someone you can interact with. You can ask your brain, "What are you doing now?" If you take an active interest in your brain, you will start to understand it better. And you can develop your brain's character into its divine nature. That nature is creative, bright, and wise. Then your life will take on more meaning and purpose. Brain Education teaches this process.
Treat your brain as a precious friend, calling it, "My dear brain." When you get to know your brain, you will really respect it, and the brains of others too. You'll want to act in ways that benefit others as well as yourself. Become one with your dear brain and you will be one with everyone.
Ilchi Lee

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