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Loving Yourself

Jun 26 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive

Loving YourselfMany people live in forgetfulness, 
Not remembering to love themselves. 
So they always worry, thinking about 
Whether they are loved by the people around them.

Love with others is a way to soothe your loneliness. 
Those who really love themselves, though, 
Don't beg for love from others. 
They don't just wait for love to find them.

If you feel empty, 
As if something is missing from your heart, 
Take a look at yourself to see 
Whether you're placing importance 
Only on your feelings and appearance, 
Ignoring your true self.

Loving yourself is cherishing your body and soul, 
Awakening and connecting to your true self.

When your love for yourself deepens, 
You become able to commune with the cosmos directly. 
You are Heaven, you are Earth, 
And self and other are one, 
The objects of your love expanding to infinity. 
You connect with everything.

Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee

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