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Always a New Beginning

Jul 03 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive

We may not know where or how our lives began.
But what's important is that we have been given life.
We have the right and responsibility to choose
how and for what we will use that life while we live.

What we can clearly perceive is this moment, here and now.
We live doing our best,
awakening to the here and now.

When we awaken to this moment,
we can always begin anew.
Nothing from the past can damage
the newness and sacredness of this moment.

Always a new beginning

It's always a new beginning, so what is holding you back?
The problem is our consciousness,
which fails to focus fully on this moment, now,
forever surrendering its place to memories and habits of the past,
to anxieties or expectations about the future.

Do you want change?
Do you want a new beginning?
Then realize this moment, here and now,
and start immediately.

Whoever you were until a moment ago,
whatever situation you faced,
none of it can impede your new choice in this moment.
Awaken to the sacredness and novelty of this moment,
and start living the life you want now.

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