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Why Do We Feel Frustrated and Afraid?

Jul 11 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive

Why do we feel frustrated?
We feel frustrated when we fail.
We feel frustrated when we’re rejected.
We feel frustrated when we’re unloved.
We feel frustrated when we’re hurt.
Why do we feel fear?
We’re afraid of making mistakes.
We’re afraid of failure.
We’re afraid of rejection.
We’re fearful of being unloved.
We’re fearful of being criticized.
We’re frightened that we will be hurt.
Because of such frustration and fear,
many people no longer take on challenges,
no longer open their heart,
no longer get too close to others.
They create their own boundaries—
“I’ll go this far and no farther.”
Whenever we do this,
we live trapped inside the domain we’ve created,
not realizing that it’s a prison of our own making.
Living that way,
we think that we have been rejected by others.
Think carefully about it, though.
Could it be that we have actually alienated ourselves
and rejected others, making ourselves unapproachable?
It is us and no one else
who have created those unseen boundaries,
keeping others from invading our domain.
What we should really fear
is becoming alienated from ourselves,
not being alienated by others.
The problem isn’t others hating us,
but our not loving ourselves.
We are pushing ourselves away,
not others doing so.
It’s a break in our connection with ourselves.
This self-alienation, or loss of self,
may very well be the most serious spiritual crisis
we experience in these times.
It’s time to reconnect to ourselves. 

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