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What Are You Connected With?

Jul 31 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive

Ask yourself, "Who am I?"


I have discovered a single, powerful question that lets you diagnose whether you are disconnected from yourself: “Who am I?”


You may have thought long and hard about this question at least once. But no matter how hard you’ve mulled it over, no matter how much you’ve asked those around you, no matter how many books you’ve rummaged through, you’ve probably been unable to find a satisfactory answer. “These questions are for people with too much time on their hands,” some say. “I have no problem making a living and getting on with my life, even if I don’t know who I really am.” You may even have given up on finding an answer, seeing others apparently getting along just fine without seriously worrying about such things. Most often, we simply accept whom society tells us we are, defined by the roles we fill, and move on from there.


Is it really a big deal if you don’t know who you are? Yes, it definitely is! Why? If you don’t know who you really are, then who is the self, the “you,” who’s been living up to this point? You’ve been living as who, as what? After hearing such a question, you may feel stunned, as if you’ve been hit in the back of the head.


When we say that someone is disconnected from themselves, we’re referring to that person’s true self. So, if you think, “Not me. I’m connected with myself,” then you first need to take a look at who or what that self is. Carefully look within to see whether that self is just your thoughts, emotions, desires, and ideas, or whether it is your true self, living and breathing in your heart as your true essence, independent of outer conditions. Look at what you’re currently connected with, what you’re living for.

—Excerpted from my recent book, Connect: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation


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