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Don't Be a Fizzled Candle

07 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive


Our lives are like candles. 
Your life burns even now. 
What is your life burning for? 


If you're wasting your years without a goal, the candle of your life isn't serving its purpose. That's why you shouldn't pursue a life of ease; you should do something with your life instead.


We can do anything if we just set our minds to it. 
When we demonstrate our creativity, our sleeping true value, our greatness, manifests.


Our bodies, like candles, eventually burn out with time. 
A candle is really beautiful if it burns out while shining its light on the world. 
Wouldn't it be unfortunate, though, if a candle fizzled out before it could burn down completely? 


I hope we will be people who use the light of our lives to brightly illuminate the world around us until the moment our candles burn out. 
That is our true value.


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