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Why We Need Devotion

15 2019 / E-Newsletter Archive


Those who have lost devotion are always gloomy.
They become lazy complainers.
Hope never disappears from the hearts of those who live with devotion.
They have hope, so they can never be lazy.
Many people have trouble showing devotion.
It's because they fail to live focusing fully on the present moment.
Unless we are living in the present, our minds wander between worries about the future and attachments to the past.
Then the place for devotion vanishes from our hearts.

Why do we need devotion?
It's to be awake now, in this moment.
Devotion manifests when we live in the "here and now."
When you have a devoted heart,
All things are God and the Buddha,
and nothing is not your True Self.
Within devotion, everything melts into one
and blooms with infinite love.

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