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Ilchi Lee is one of the few visionaries who knew early on the important role the human brain plays in expanding human consciousness and improving quality of life. For many people, the brain is a biological organ that only scientists and medical doctors can investigate or relate to. But for Lee, the brain is the most intimate, personal space, and one that you can engage at every moment of your life.


With this perception and understanding, he developed an innovative program called Brain Education. It is a creative integration of Eastern practice of mindfulness and modern discoveries in neuroscience and education. Brain Education seeks holistic development of the human potential, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and spiritual aspects of humanity.



Five Steps Toward an Awakened Brain


Step 1: Brain Sensitizing: Awakening all of the body’s senses to develop the brain’s heightened awareness

You try various mind-body exercises to awaken your senses, including meridian exercises, meditation, breath work, and energy sensitivity techniques. These exercises improve oxygen and energy flow within the body, improving the connection between brain and body. Your mind-body sensitivity is dramatically improved, contributing to an overall sense of health and well-being. You will see improvements in strength, vitality, mental clarity, focus, and stress management.


Ilchi Lee Brain Education 5 StepsStep 2: Brain Versatilizing: Develop flexibility in body and awaken the multifaceted brain

You develop flexibility in body and mind through a disciplined process of paired physical and mental exercise. You become physically malleable and consciously open to letting go of preconceived ideas. You move into a vast field of possibilities by “thinking outside the box.” This step relies and builds upon the fluidity and flexibility of the brain’s activation patterns.


Step 3: Brain Refreshing: Allowing healing and renewal by learning to release emotions

At this stage, awakening the brain is about three skills: emotional awareness,emotional memory purging, and the transformation of bad habits.

You become acutely aware of the influence of stored preconceived thoughts and emotions on the quality of your life. When you examine the emotional information in your brain and body at deeper levels of consciousness, you neutralize oppressive information, making room for new positive information. By learning to release memories and ideas that are no longer useful, you are able to face any situation with a clear, fresh, and empowered self.


Step 4: Brain Integrating: The process of functionally using the whole brain

This step integrates the different functional areas of the brain to release undiscovered capabilities or skills. This process occurs in two dimensions: on the horizontal axis of the left and right hemispheres, and on the vertical axis of the brain stem, limbic system, and neocortex. This allows you to move toward balanced brain function and reach your brain's maximum capacity.  Feelings, emotions, and thought processes begin working harmoniously promoting good judgment and solutions.


Ilchi Lee Brain Education step 5Step 5: Brain Mastering: Building and refining

By applying and re-applying the first four steps of Brain Education toward specific concrete goals, you develop executive control over your brain, resulting in a process of continuous personal and quality-of-life improvement. You develop and enhance the power of choice and purpose to become a conscious author of your life. Brain mastery focuses on cultivating clarity of intention paired with solid action.


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Brain Wave Vibration


Brain Wave Vibration is the most basic yet quintessential Brain Education method that encompasses all five steps. Through rhythmic movement and focused attention, it helps you manage stress, rediscover your physical vitality, and enhance your creativity. This simple moving meditation naturally brings out a sense of peace, hope, and love.


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Using the Brain Operation System (BOS)

Brain Operating System (BOS) is a term coined by Ilchi Lee to express the art of managing your brain and processing the information that you take in everyday. Ilchi Lee suggests 5 rules for making your BOS work efficiently and helping you become the best version of yourself.

1. If you choose it, you can create it.

Everything starts with your conscious choice. If you tell your brain about your choice constantly and persistently, then your brain will find a way to make it happen.

2. Good news makes a good brain.

Think positively on the path towards realizing your creation, turning obstacles into opportunities. Empower your brain with positive information.

3. Pay attention!

Stay in the moment and pay attention, and your brain will become mindful and aware of what action you need to take for achieving your goal.

4. Be master of time and space.

Time and space represent your circumstances. Train your brain to see opportunities in any situation and utilize all resources to realize the goal that you want to achieve.

5. Design your environment.

Your environment is not you, but yours. You have the power to decide how to respond your circumstances in every moment and change your environment so that it works for you.



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