Earth Citizens Movement

Big changes begin with small changes within each person and end when many people concerned with change come together to make the world better. Many people who practice Ilchi Lee’s personal growth methods experience an evolution in consciousness and come to want to help empower others and the planet to thrive. They have come together in movements initiated and/or inspired by Ilchi Lee.


The current largest and most active movement is the Earth Citizen Movement, which promotes the Earth Citizen ideal. Being an Earth Citizen means recognizing you are a “citizen” of the Earth and choosing to make that identity more important than your identity as a member of a particular ethnic group, religion, or nation. This identity brings all people together as one with each other and with the Earth because the Earth is the largest common denominator among all human beings. We are all completely dependent on the Earth.


Because of our dependency, the Earth Citizen ideal says that we should act as stewards of the earth and preserve its bounty to sustain our lives and all life on the planet. In order to do this, we need to manage the Earth as a whole rather than fighting for pieces of it among ourselves. Ilchi Lee calls this Earth Management.


The Earth Citizen Movement promotes peace and conservation, but it is not a political or an environmental movement. Its aim is to raise awareness and acceptance of the Earth Citizen ideal and to teach and promote an Earth Citizen culture. It expects that the practice of this culture by enough people on the planet will lead to a new way of being, thinking, and doing that will lead to Earth Management and health, happiness, and peace for all. 



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The organization spearheading the Earth Citizen Movement is the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO), a non-profit that was established by Ilchi Lee to help people create changes in their lives to support peace and sustainability locally and globally.


Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes natural health and

mindful living for a sustainable world. The name of the organization represents the understanding that we are all citizens of the Earth, and as such, share a common responsibility as its constituents for the well-being and vitality of communities of all life forms on our home planet. “Earth Citizen” is the shared identity for all people who take this responsibility, and ECO is the entity that advances this spirit of Earth Citizenship.  


ECO offers a very unique and simple yet powerful and practical approach to transformation both for the individual and the world: “think soft.” Rather than directly spearheading fixed systems, corporations, institutions and dogmas, first change more immediately malleable things such as the way we breathe, eat, manage stress, and think about people and other sentient beings. These “soft” aspects directly shape our behaviors and our choices, both on a personal and a global scale. In this respect, they are fundamental—more so than any material modification. These elements, together with training and practices for mindfulness and leadership, are the foundation of the training programs sponsored by ECO. They are also the groundwork of the “Earth Citizen Movement” to create a domino effect of conscious change in the lives of every human being.

ECO’s activities include providing education and training for: leadership development, personal management for healthier lifestyle, and cross-cultural communion for balanced and harmonious living throughout the world. To make this training and education accessible to a wider demographic, ECO not only accepts students of all age groups but also plans to develop training facilities in multiple locations throughout the U.S. and also online education services. Currently, the primary training location is in Sedona, Arizona.

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