Earth Citizenship


Earth Citizenship in Washington DCIlchi Lee believes that we should primarily consider ourselves Earth Citizens in order to work together to better manage the Earth’s resources. An Earth Citizen puts their identity as a citizen of the Earth before national, ethnic, or religious considerations.


The Earth Citizen culture that can result from adopting the Earth as a common value can take many different forms, but basic respect for the Earth and all of humanity must remain at its core. This culture will inspire people to develop their humanitarian spirit, moving beyond personal concerns.


Lee advocates for the creation of a new value system, a paradigm shift to Earth-centered living. By redefining our professional and cultural lives to focus on the concept of Earth Citizenship, we can fulfill our material needs while honoring the Earth.


Earth Citizen values are defined in Lee's Earth Citizen Declaration:

  1. I am an Earth Citizen who loves and cherishes all humans and all life as someone who has found my value and recovered my character.
  2. I am an Earth Citizen who contributes to making a healthy and happy family and a peaceful community.
  3. I am an Earth Citizen who lives for an Earth Village where all of humankind lives as one family beyond nationality, race and religion.
  4. I am an Earth Citizen who acts to protect and restore the global ecosystem so that the earth recovers its original beauty and vitality.
  5. I am an Earth Citizen who takes part in the work of developing 100 million Earth Citizens for the evolution of human consciousness and the advent of a new era of civilization on earth.

While the Earth Citizen Movement is larger than any single individual, organization, or entity, it is currently fueled primarily by the activities of the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO), of which Ilchi Lee is founder.


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