Energy Principle

Energy Principle


Much of Ilchi Lee’s philosophy stems from his experience with the ancient Korean tradition of Sundo, an experience that confirmed for him the transformative nature of universal energy.

In the human body, universal energy flows through meridians and gathers in chakras. Often called ki, qi, chi, or prana in Asian countries, it serves as a bridge between body and mind.


The following three energy principles are an integral part of Ilchi Lee’s mind-body methods.


1. Where the Mind Goes, Energy Follows
Chakra Energy SystemEnergy follows the direction of your mind and leads to the creation of reality, both in your body and in your life. This principle reminds us to pay attention to what we are thinking and of its power to create our lives.
2. Water Energy Up, Fire Energy Down
Water energy from our kidneys goes up our back to keep the head cool and clear and the chest comfortable. Fire Energy originating in our heart goes down our front to keep the lower body warm and healthy. This natural energy cycle is the foundation of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.
3. From Health to Happiness to Peace.
Through stabilizing your physical health, you will balance your emotions, leaving a clear mind that will light up your spirit.




LifeParticles Principle


The entire universe and everything in it, including us, is made of the same stuff— elementary particles of energy and consciousness—which Ilchi Lee dubbed LifeParticles. These particles transmit the information that gives rise to the diverse phenomena of life. When you access the world of LifeParticles, you tap into a vast reservoir of vitality, love, and limitless creative potential. Designed by Ilchi Lee and an artist, the image to the right is a quintessential representation of the world of LifeParticles.





The MindScreen is a spatial representation of an awakened consciousness, an infinite internal arena where all mental activity and creation takes place. It is the space where LifeParticles are active, the passage through which they travel, and the governing body that transports them.


Ilchi Lee believes that the MindScreen is the most highly developed function of our brain. Through our MindScreen, we can go beyond the limitations of knowledge and experience, not only to draw out the great potential our brain has, but also to use it. The image to the right offers visual inspiration to help anyone open their MindScreen.