Following his life-changing experience on Moak Mountain in South Korea, Ilchi Lee felt a strong conviction to share what he had learned. He wanted to help people become physically healthier so they could make healthy choices, which in turn would help improve society. He began teaching for free in a park, first assisting a lone stroke victim and then training large groups of people. In 1985, after five years of lessons in the park, he rented a space in Seoul that became his first health and wellness center.

The exercises he taught gradually evolved to include a wide variety of meditative and brain enhancement techniques, which he systematized into different programs and workshops, and organized into five steps. This system of mind-body-spirit training is now known as Brain Education. It integrates ancient, Korean philosophy and Sundo culture with applied neuroscience to teach optimal brain utilization. Beyond exercises, his Brain Education programs offer wisdom for healthy and sustainable living.


To express and teach Brain Education, Ilchi Lee engages in numerous activities, including producing books, films, art, and music. He has founded a number of organizations, including non-profits, for-profit mind-body training centers, meditation centers, and universities in several countries, which teach Brain Education at different levels to thousands of people around the world. 



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