Self Development Guidelines

Ilchi Lee’s Five Guiding Principles for Self-Development

Ilchi Lee believes ongoing growth and evolution is the natural tendency of life. Since all life is connected, as each individual evolves, so does the rest of life. These five principles describe what is needed for and what will result from self-development and self-realization. They form the foundation of all of Ilchi Lee’s methods and techniques.


Change Your Energy

Everything, at its fundamental level of being, is energy. As energy, all is one and inseparable. As energy, all is changeable, and the possibilities are limitless. If you want changes in your life, it is good to start changing from the source—energy—first. Change your energy to change your life.


Develop Your Brain

The brain recognizes and converts limitless possibilities into reality through our physical, mental, and spiritual activities. The human brain has no boundaries. It represents an infinite opportunity for self-development. The more we develop our brain, the more creative potential becomes available.


Find the Absolute Value

Our true nature, as universal mind and energy, is changeless and absolute. By finding our absolute value, our changeless nature, we become empowered to overcome fear of and resistance to change, and become able to use the power of choice fully and create the changes we desire in our lives. And the goodness of human nature—compassion, empathy, and loving kindness—naturally emerge.


Benefit All

When we truly know that everything is connected, we strive to live a life of helping others and widely benefit all life on earth. Every one of us has greatness inside that cares more than just personal gains, and it shines when we work together for the good of the whole.


Pursue Completion

We have a gap between our true nature as one energy and our character as individuated manifestations of that oneness. This gap between our true nature and our character is the real cause of lack of integrity, and the sense that there's something missing in our life. When the gap is filled, life will feel complete. Life is a constant journey of developing oneself toward completion, in pursuit of which all great qualities are cultivated and manifested.


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