Mar 2017

Live for Change

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Don’t live a habitual life, trained to the familiar and comfortable. Through intense self-examination and ceaseless self-challenge, create change, and adjust your track toward growth and completion.

If you live life habitually, without intense self-examination and reflection, you cannot make proper use of the time and space that have been given to you, and you cannot say that you have genuinely lived your life. The status quo is a state of self-negation, a state from which your dreams and your genuine spirit have vanished.

Walking in place for a long time is harder and less interesting than walking normally. Only if you go forward do your environment, space, and the people you meet change; only then do you gain a new fascination for life, learning, and inspiration. Only if you go forward can you move in a direction you desire.

Though you live but a day, but an hour, you should live for the dreams, values, and spirit you have chosen.

(Based on my book, Calligraphic Meditation for Everyday Happiness.)

Feb 2017

Let’s Live to 120

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Life is something you create. I create the future and I make my life what it is.

Those words come out of my experience. I really threw myself into the things I decided to do, and if I felt that something was right, I made my own judgments as I kept moving forward.

Now, as I get closer to my seventieth birthday in a few years and I hear scientists saying that human bodies have the potential to last for 120 years, I’ve realized that there is so much more that I want to do. So I’ve decided to live to 120 years old. Thinking that I have another 60 years to live has changed my perspective on how to live my life today. I’ve decided that I have to speak English, and I’m reading the English version of my book, Belly Button Healing, every day. I feel very youthful, and it’s like I’m in my thirties and forties.

It’s important to change your whole thought process like this—to tell yourself, “I’m going to live to 120.” If you choose and integrate it, everything will become different. If you just change your preconceptions one time, the rest is very easy. It’s ultimately about caring and focusing.

In making a strategy for living until 120 years old, I realized that you need to change from living in a defensive mode to living in an offensive mode. Being in a defensive mode means being attached and trying to keep something, but being in an offensive mode means aggressively challenging yourself, embracing everything, and staying open.

To go on the offense in your life, eliminate the time you spend contemplating. If you have time for contemplation, increase your physical power. Physical power is life. Physical power is the strength by which you can keep your life of your own accord.

Besides physical power, you also have heart power. Heart power speaks of conscience, character, and integrity. It’s the innate character of humaneness that makes you discover your value.

Beyond heart power, you have brain power. That’s creativity and the capacity for application. It’s not intellectual knowledge, but the ability to assess your surrounding environment and situation and utilize them.

To make it to 120, pour all of your energy into increasing these three types of power, and then use time and space most effectively for your dreams and goals.

It starts with heart power though, in which you experience and understand the value of your existence. Your heart power has to come alive in order for you to improve your physical power and brain power.

You can increase your physical power, heart power, and brain power by changing your everyday-life attitude and your words. Here are three specific ways you can do that.

First, smile.
Smile so much you get cramps in your face. If you have trouble smiling, you’ll inevitably get cramps. Every time that happens, tell yourself, “This is vibration indicating that my destiny is changing,” and change. Practice smiling at least ten times a day, and practice smiling at everyone.

Second, every morning, plant your feet on the floor, place your hands on your lower abdomen, and bow forty-five degrees from your waist as you say brightly, “Bangapseumnida.”
Bangapseumnida is a Korean greeting that means, “I recognize the divinity within you,” similar to “namaste.” Just do 100 repetitions. This exercises your lower back and constitutes smiling practice, and as your belly button energy point (Shingwol) folds and opens, energy will automatically accumulate in your body. When that happens, your face will change, your attitude when you speak will change, and your energy will change. You’ll change into someone that anyone would want to get closer to and connect with.

Third, do a physical exercise for one minute at least once every hour.
Set your alarm to ring once every hour, at which time, do one of these exercises for one minute: Belly Button Healing, push-ups, sit-ups, running in place, or squats. Then, ten times a day, you’ll be investing one minute for a total of ten minutes a day spent increasing your physical power. After a while, you’ll feel your vital power increasing in your body.

As you grow your power, then, you can increase the speed at which you accomplish your goals. This is necessary to get all the way to the end of your journey. For example, if you’re always losing in a fight, in order to go into it with your mind made up that you’re going to win, you need speed. You don’t have to be fast to get hit, but in order to go on the offensive and attack to defeat your opponent, you need to have more than twice the speed. That’s when you can use your skills, and that’s also when you need great strength. That strength comes from mental power.

If you want to jump up from the status quo in your life and live 120 years, you have to shift from a defensive position to an offensive position now. You have to defend when it’s time to play defense, but if you’re on defense and an opportunity comes up, then you have to attack. Attacking doesn’t mean hurting others; it’s taking fast action and risks for your goal. Even if there’s just a 5 percent opportunity, you have to be proactive and attack. You save up your strength, and then if there’s even just a 5 percent possibility, you have to push and move forward. That’s the real new world. Opportunity is knocking right now.

Even if you’re worn out and exhausted, if you have a reason why you have to live, if you have hopes and dreams, then your hidden power comes to the surface. Feeling tired does not need to keep you from attacking when the opportunity arises. Whether or not you’re sure something will work, try it first. If it doesn’t work, find another way that’ll work, and use that last 5 percent of strength that you have left to give it everything you’ve got to try again. When you use that strength, that’s when you help yourself, Heaven helps you, and everyone and everything around you comes to your aid; and because of that, that’s when your miraculous strength is meant to come out.

Grow your vital power. And become the master of your life. Become the master of your body and become the master of your mind. When that happens, you will open the door to an exciting new sixty years of your life.

Jan 2017

The Root That Gives You Wings

By Ilchi Lee Comment

The person who has been my most special friend and mentor is none other than my father.

When I was young, when I didn't have friends because my thoughts and concerns were so different from that of others, he was my only friend, and when I couldn't adjust to school life, he told me, "You're a late-bloomer," and instilled confidence in me with love and encouragement.

He also gave me "tough love," pushing me off the cliff to encourage me to fly, as he did when he retired from being an educator after I had failed the college entrance exams two years in a row, saying, "Since you're the man of the house now, you need to lead this family forward from now on." This truly shocked me and made me see what I was doing with my life in a new light.

My father was the first to teach me about Korea's ancient spiritual roots—about the ChunBuKyung and the Hongik spirit—which I teach to others today. As I built and developed the Institute of Korean Cultural Studies (Kookhakwon), the University of Brain Education, and the Global Cyber University, he even gave me advice on the direction and angles of the buildings as a scholar with profound knowledge of geographic feng shui. He's always encouraged my work and the people who work along with me.

This year, he is ninety-five years old. I'm away from him, working in New Zealand while he lives in South Korea. I had a video call with my father to greet him for the new year, and I suddenly realized how much time has passed. I saw that his vigor has depleted, and now my father needs support in order to be able to walk. Seeing my father like that makes me think a lot about life.

Because he has grown hard of hearing and his energy has become weak, he couldn't say much, but I when I told him, "Father, I wish you many blessings in the new year. Be healthy this year, too, and eat well, and please pray for us so that your son's work goes smoothly and turns out well," he responded by saying, "Of course, I'm always praying for you. Be healthy and have a good trip; I'll see you when you get back," and held up two fingers in a "V" for victory.

When I heard my father's words, I felt my heart squeeze, and I felt a sting in the tip of my nose, and a jolt of electricity buzzed through my body. I could feel my father's sincere prayer deep in my heart. I felt, "Alright. Even Father is longing with all his heart for the dream of a happy, healthy, and peaceful world I pursue, so I have to fulfill this mission no matter what if I'm to fully honor him."

I'm sharing my father's words with you, and the loving energy that they transmit, because I hope it encourages and enables you to live your own grandest dreams.

And, just as my father has been my earthly root and he first showed me my spiritual roots, I want to show you, through Brain Education, how to find your own internal root in the never-ending Source of life, the Tao, the One that is written of in the ChunBuKyung.

Jan 2017

With the first Earth Citizen Festival coming up in less than three weeks, my team in New Zealand and I are facing various obstacles as we prepare for the more than one thousand people who are expected to attend this two-day event. The festival will celebrate and add fuel to our ongoing Earth Citizen Movement, which aims to have one hundred million people adopt Earth Citizen values and an Earth Citizen lifestyle by 2020.

As part of our preparations, we are working intensively on constructing an Earth Village in Kerikeri, which will be the education hub of this global initiative. There's a lot to be done, and even seemingly small details are important, such as building stairs on a steep slope to make it easier for people to walk up.

However, one of our current challenges is that in New Zealand, most people are on holiday until January 15th, so we don't have enough manpower during this critical time. Rather than worrying about that, I'm working hard, helping with the construction. Dreaming of all of the people who are coming from ten different countries gives me energy that I've thrown into action, and things are starting to happen.

While some people might think, we can't do it because we don't have people; it won't work because something's missing, I know that if you have the mind to do it, there's always a way to achieve your goal. All you have to do is start right away with what you can do.

I'm not the only one who thinks this way. People who have achieved success in the world and grown themselves started with whatever action they could take toward their dream, without being swayed by the negative information of those around them.

Negative thinking wastes time and paralyzes you. Rather than judging with my thoughts, I think as I act. Once you start moving, your inertia and worries will subside—your energy will change—and a solution will come to you.

If you make up your mind to do it, you can get it done. That's how the stairs we're building now are almost finished.

Nov 2016

Your Mind Can Save You

By Ilchi Lee Comment

We are all different from each other. We experience conflict because we are different. Although our bodies are separate from each other, however, our minds can become one. Because the Original Mind, the True Nature that is our essence, is the same for everyone. And our original energy is also the same.

My Original Mind is the mind of the cosmos, and the mind of the cosmos is my Original Mind. My internal energy is the same as cosmic energy, and cosmic energy is my internal energy. This also goes for you, too. Unspeakable peace and joy are found in that realization.

Because of this, the world is yours. Everything depends on your attitude. Your mind can kill you, and it can save you. Your mind can control and influence everything. The world will become peaceful when more people recover health of body and feel oneness and peace of mind. Let's try to create a better world this way.

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