Ilchi Lee Shin Myung Festival

This weekend and the next, I’ll be in the United States for two special events hosted by Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi called the Shin Myung Festival, which feature my Brain Education method. One will be in Ellenville, New York at Honor’s Haven Resort and Spa and the other at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Over a thousand people have already bought tickets to these one-day events so I thought in anticipation of them, I should explain a bit about what Shinmyung is.

Shinmyung is actually a state of consciousness. The word shin means “divinity” in Korean and myung means “bright.” When you are in a Shinmyung state, you are conscious of the bright divine energy that already exists in your brain. This energy is the same as that of the Source of life, the Creator.

This bright energy can be small or it can be large; you can ignore it or you can be aware of it. Bringing your awareness to this energy feeds it, making it brighter and brighter until it illuminates your true nature and the true nature of the cosmos. It’s like opening up your inner eye, what is usually called your third eye. All that was not visible to you before is made visible, just like turning on a light in a dark room. All of the furniture that was not visible in the room before can suddenly be seen.

What can you see when you open third eye? What is it like being in a Shinmyung state? You experience clear insight into the principles of life and can see yourself, others, and the world with a broader and brighter consciousness.  You're able to transcend your limits and discover solutions to the problems that worry you and may receive messages from a greater consciousness as images, sounds, or feelings. You also feel the principles of life—the love, gratitude, joy, and oneness that is the true nature of the universe.

When you achieve a Shinmyung state, you see the greater meaning of your life and you can approach each day with that meaning at the forefront of your focus, arranging your day to fit it. You can use that divine awareness and energy to continually create something new in any environment or circumstance.

woman meditating

A Shinmyung state is not something someone else can create for you or something that you learn in school. Even though you may get help, you can only illuminate yourself. You can experience Shinmyung in deep meditation or in the ordinary moments of your life. You feel it whenever you feel life energy, when you feel connected as one with all life, when you feel deep gratitude or love for the people and things around you, and when you experience something that is bigger than your small self.

However, in your daily life, it’s not easy to maintain this state. You can’t just meditate once and be in a Shinmyung state forever. As your focus shifts away from your divine nature, you will lose some of this awareness, and if you have negative thoughts, your divine energy will diminish. But if you keep practicing to grow the brightness in your brain, a Shinmyung state will become more durable. You’ll remain in that state for longer and can go back to it more easily. You’ll be able to be bright and positive and creative even while we are doing the dishes or walking the dog.

Since information is consciousness, the more positive information you exchange with others and yourself, the more your awareness will brighten and rise to a higher level. You will be able to think and act with love, tolerance, and unity. The more people that do this, the more our society will change into the ideal many of us have been working toward, and we can usher in a new spiritual civilization.

In my next blog post, I will tell you more about how to create a Shinmyung state through meditation. I also go into greater depth about Shinmyung in my books, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation and Living Tao: Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment.

If you are able to come, I hope to see you at the upcoming Shinmyung Festivals, where you can experience Brain Education methods for creating a Shinmyung state together with thousands of like-minded people. Go to the Facebook event pages to learn more, or visit to find a Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi center near you to get tickets.


walking on life's journey

It seems that from a certain time, we embarked on a long voyage. It seems that this voyage was begun without knowing when or why it started or without knowing who I am.

We need to know who we are and what this earth really is. We can't just keep living blindly as we have been.

This voyage of life that we go on—knowing nothing, becoming a person; becoming a man and becoming a woman, loving and hating; fighting one another and destroying, controlling, taking from, and killing each other; getting married and getting divorced; getting pregnant, impregnating women, making families and destroying them; and growing up and getting old and sick, and then dying—this isn't a voyage. It is aimless wandering and confusion.

That's enough now. Enough! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Now it’s time for a new life, one in which I truly know myself and I know Life itself, in which I know time and space, and I know my value. Only this is my life. Only this is my value. Only this is my dream.

I am the master of my life! Me! Me! Me! Us! We are the master of our lives!

May we all come together as one, and let us make true happiness on earth. May we come together—all of us together.

We can do it if we connect to ourselves—to our bodies, our hearts, and our divine nature in our brains. All of this knowledge is there. Connect inside and feel that we are all already together as one.


Ilchi Lee doing balancing meditation in New Zealand

One day, I found a stone in my garden and decided to put it on top of a major energy point at the crown of my head. I kept it there as I walked around, ate, spoke with people, sat at the computer, and even when I did squats. In my effort to balance the stone, the angles and direction of my body were correctly aligned and I could have no distracting thoughts.



Because of this, I could concentrate more easily, especially on the vision of the future I am always working toward. With this concentration comes more willpower, confidence, and even infinite creativity.

The alignment and concentration also improved my energy circulation. If you’ve never experienced the energy circulation in your body, it’s hard to imagine what this feels like, but I felt the line of energy through the center of my body intensify. Stronger energy spread throughout my body, even to my fingertips and toe tips.

As a result, saliva gathered in my mouth, indicating my parasympathetic nervous system was active. My body warmed up, my eyes sparkled, and my heart overflowed with infinite confidence and love.

In other words, I was meditating, even while doing other things. Just by balancing a stone on top of my head, I could achieve a meditative state, without sitting still for hours.

By quieting and focusing my mind, this meditation has been like a turbo boost to my day. I can achieve so much more and do it more happily and easily.

Of course, the act of balancing a stone is actually not easy. Sometimes having to balance the stone can seem like an annoyance or a roadblock. But, as it is something I freely choose and can stop at anytime, I treat this exercise as an important practice for managing my energy, my time, and my life—one that I suggest to everyone around me.

I call this meditation, Chunmoon Meditation, after the point on top of the head on which the rock sits. This point has several names, but the word chunmoon, meaning “heavenly gate,” reflects its role as the gate through which our soul enters our bodies when they are formed and leaves our bodies when they die. It is also the gate through which the purest life energy, what you could call heavenly energy, comes to us. I write more about the chunmoon and the process of the soul leaving the body in my book, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation.

New Zealand Meditation Tour from North American practicing Chunmoon Meditation

Why don’t you try this simple meditation for yourself? With Chunmoon Meditation, you can take back the reigns of your brain, which may be running wild with extraneous thoughts and emotions, and bring your life into balance. I would love to hear about your experience with it in the comments.

Jan 2019

True Peace Is in Your Heart

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Ilchi Lee smiling in New Zealand

Pure love and peace come without condition. 
Conditional love and peace are imperfect. 
Peace comes in the moment we smile. 
Smiling is the gateway to encountering peace and true love.

True love and peace are found within; 
they don't come from the outside. 
You can become one with all life through smiling. 
Peace comes without condition in this way.

Peace is not somewhere far off. 
True peace isn't something massive.
For the essence of peace is found in our hearts.

True peace is very natural, not artificially created. 
Peace itself is a true picture of our lives. 
That's why we want peace.

We humans have lost the peace we once had. 
We try too hard to find that peace. 
We long for artificial peace. 
We seek that peace from our neighbors and the people around us. 
That's not the original peace. 
The original peace is found in your heart, not in others.

Let's no longer beg for peace. 
Let's not try to get peace from others. 
Real peace is inside you. 
Those who have encountered the peace within 
have genuinely encountered the soul of the earth. 
True peace is in our hearts. Seek and find that peace.

Jan 2019

Poem: Love for All Humanity

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Ilchi Lee - Love for All Humanity - Walking with people at the Healing Garden at Sedona Mago Retreat

On Christmas Eve, I wrote a poem in the early morning as these thoughts for the new year came to me. I would like to share its message with you.


A Love for All Humanity

I like love.
I don’t like love that brings hate to each other, becomes the seed of tears, and curses one another.
The love I want is love that never changes.
Love that can be happy together and love that can be shared—I want such love.
Love that hates and fights is a sick love.
I want a healthy love, peaceful love, and creative love.
I want to let people in the world know such love,
With a healthy mind, healthy brain, healthy body.
A happy family, happy society, and happy world,
I want to make it together with everyone.
I want to sing such a song of love.
I want to dance such a dance of love.
I would like to make a peaceful world
where we can experience such love all together.
For this purpose, I have to live 120 years.
Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.

I love myself and I love everyone.
I want to let everyone know this love.
Love myself. Love myself.
Love yourself. Love yourself.
Love everything. Love everything.
Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.

I invite you to listen to the poem spoken as well.


* BHP stands for Brain Education Healing Point, an acupressure meditation method that releases everything inside you that stands in the way of true, unconditional love.


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