Don’t Worry

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Ilchi Lee - Way of New Life - Earth Village Dream

Don't worry about having worries. It's good to have worries. It's proof you're alive.
So anguishing over something is a joyful thing. For humans, the troubles never end as long as they have life. And as soon as one concern is resolved, another pops up to take its place.

If you are going to have worries anyway, why not worry about how to achieve your dreams. Something magical happens when you focus on your dreams. You realize that the things you've been worried about were really so trivial. And in continually choosing to focus on your dreams strips away the heaviness of your ego and ordinary wants so that you get to see the truth about yourself underneath all your worries. You can leave them behind and move forward without regret.

I've been working on my dream of building an Earth Village in New Zealand for the past few years. Lately, I've been listening to this song that has really empowered and encouraged me. It's one of my favorites. I especially like the last line of the song, which reminds us that no matter what happened in the past, don’t be afraid to keep dreaming. You can dream a new dream.

I'd like to share this song with you so that you do not feel overburdened by worry and can run toward your dreams.

"Don't Worry" sung by Jeok Lee


English Lyrics

My dear, don’t worry about anything
Let’s sing together
Bury all the painful memories
Deep inside your heart

All things past are in the past
They all have meaning
Sing to the one who left
Say that you loved without regret

You went through so many difficult things
You lost that newness
All of the hardships
There’s no one else to blame, so brush them all off

All things past are in the past
They all have meaning
Let’s all sing together
Say that you dreamed without regret

All things past are in the past
They all have meaning
Let’s all sing together
Say that you dreamed without regret

All things past are in the past
They all have a meaning
Let’s all sing together
Say that you dreamed without regret
Say that you will dream a new dream



The Tao of Suicide

The World Health Organization says one person dies from suicide every 40 seconds. Unfortunately, for each of them, there may be 20 others who attempt it.

I believe that what makes someone want to commit suicide is the state of their consciousness. The things you focus on, your predominant emotions, and how you react to negative and positive situations all affect your state of consciousness. Likewise, the condition of your brain and your hormone balance influence your consciousness. Like these variables, consciousness is always in flux, and you are capable of altering your consciousness, even though it may not seem like it when you are drowning in negative emotions and see no hope for the future.

David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, a widely-known authority in consciousness research and spirituality, laid out a map of levels of consciousness. He gave each level he described a number measured in lux, or brightness of light. When you have a higher level of consciousness, your outlook is bright and other people are amazed by how much you shine from the inside. On the other hand, if you have a lower level of consciousness, your mind and emotions are covered in darkness. You can use this map to guide you out of darkness and into light.

The lowest level of consciousness is shame and the next is guilt and then apathy. People who have shame and guilt want to hide away from others. Those who have apathy have nothing to do that they find joyful. It’s easier for them to give up. Being in these states of consciousness for a while is what generally leads to self-harm or, in extreme cases, to suicide.

For instance, last month, Hoe-chan Roh, a three-term lawmaker in South Korea, ended his own life after being investigated and admitting to accepting a bribe, but without granting any political favors in return. Roh was known for his clean and reform-minded image and had done much to help South Korea’s workers. But the shame and guilt over his mistake and not only over his own tarnished image, but the image of his party and associates, may have played a big part in his decision to stop living.

If you move past shame, guilt, and apathy, you find sadness and fear. At these levels, you don't have enough desire or energy to overcome those negative emotions. Often these levels of consciousness stem from being stuck in a judgmental mindset. In this state, countless forms of anguish overwhelm and strangle you, big things and little things make you sad, fast things and slow things make you anxious. You are spinning in a cycle of emotion that keeps you down.

But the next levels are desire and anger. Desire is better than shame, guilt, and apathy, because having desire at least means that you long for something. Even that is enough to get you out and about meeting people. You go out and are active rather than hiding because you have desire. Anger also means you have energy. You can be angry only when you have the strength for it. Shame, guilt, and apathy can't stir up anger. If you can be stirred up, you are moving away from the consciousness of suicide.

To make a real change in your life or the lives of others, though, you need the next level of energy: courage. Courage is the power of affirmation. To have enough energy for courage, you need to build your strength by consistently training your body, clearing your emotions, getting your energy flowing, and cultivating your focus and creativity.

As you strengthen your physical power, heart power, and brain power in this way, your level of consciousness goes even higher. The natural healing power of your body and mind can then work optimally, and you can gain spiritual insight. You become aware of the interconnectedness of all things, and you can feel the value of life itself. In other words, you gain greater understanding and embodiment of the Tao as your level of consciousness brightens.

Those who awaken to the Tao know that they are whole and that they are one with the cosmos. They have nothing to fear and are secure in the fact that have come to the earth to be enlightened, and they live their whole life for that purpose. Death loses its meaning. They don't worry about how they compare to others, nor seek to grab as much material wealth as they can, never believing they have enough. How joyful is it if you have the health to seek the Tao, if you can breathe comfortably, if you can see and hear, and if you can walk and eat? What more do you want?

That is why thankfulness is the attitude of mind we need to raise our level of consciousness. Once we have gratitude for all things, our doubts, discriminating mind, guilt, jealousy, envy, and victim consciousness fade away. Without these, we can see the Tao and we have a reason to live.

You can also make your consciousness brighter with energy meditation. Imagine bright golden light coming into you as particles—what I call LifeParticles. These LifeParticles will push out dark energy within you and replace it with pure, healing energy from the Source of life.

Remember, you are more than what you or society has judged you to be, be grateful for everything in your life without discrimination, and believe there is the light of hope at the end of every dark tunnel.


Jul 2018

Breathe with the Trees

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Ilchi Lee smelling a bristle cone pine tree

When you are low on energy, it may be because you did not sleep or eat well enough. But it also may be because you've become unplugged from your power source.

We all have a connection to the source of life energy. It's within us and all around us, and it's always on. This energy comes from heaven and the earth. Our lives exist and are maintained by the circulation of heavenly and earthly energy in our bodies. I call this energy LifeParticles. The circulation and exchange of LifeParticles is the essence of our lives. 

When your connection to the energy source is weakened, or when energy is not flowing smoothly throughout your body, you feel run down. Not only that, you may feel moody and short on self-confidence or passion for life.

One way to strengthen your connection to the life energy source is by consciously connecting to the natural environment. We are all part of nature; our essence is the same. Making a connection to the nature outside of us increases and stabilizes our connection to the nature within. We make that connection through energy, and we take in energy through food, through the energy points on the surface of our body, and through our breath.

Try this tree breathing meditation when you need to recharge. Through it, you will realize that trees, the earth, and even all of humanity, are one.

Go outside, somewhere with trees. If that's not possible in your current situation, then imagine a tree standing before you. Look for a tree that pulls on your heart and stand facing it. First, greet the tree as if it is an old friend you've gone to visit.

tree breathing meditation

As you breathe in front of the tree, imagine the oxygen that tree gives off entering your body with your breath, and the carbon dioxide you exhale returning to the tree. Supply your body with energy, continuing to inhale the fresh oxygen from the tree. Pure life energy will cleanse your body.

The tree's life moves into you and your life into the tree. The tree is putting down roots deep into the earth. Keep breathing, imagining the flow of LifeParticles cycling from the earth to the tree, from the tree to you, from you back to the tree, and then to the earth. 

The LifeParticles and soul of the earth are delivered to you through the oxygen and life energy given off by the tree. You and the tree are breathing in the same space. You're communing on a deep level. Who knows how many LifeParticles are exchanged between us and the trees? We are connected with life in this way.

Listen to the message the tree is giving you. The tree is telling us: "I am this tree and the earth and everything in the universe. I am you and humanity. If you know this, then respect and love all things the way you do me." 

Everyone has the sense and ability to commune with nature this way, but often we haven't used it. When that sense revives, you can commune with the soul of the flowers, the trees, and the earth. Your own energy, your own soul, will revive as well.

Wood Fire Gif

It's winter here in New Zealand, which is where I spend a lot of my time when I'm not traveling to explore or give lectures and workshops. The weather is a little cool, and although not strictly necessary, sometimes I light a fire in the wood stove here and meditate, moving with the flow of the energy I feel. For, in lighting the flames, I learn and feel many things.

For instance, kindling the fire is easy to do with some degree of training, but maintaining the flames rising from the logs requires putting a new log on the fire at a set time. It requires ongoing care and attention. If the fire goes out, using the remaining embers to rekindle the flame is also important work. Rolling up a newspaper and sticking it into the fire, blowing on the embers, reviving them, and adding more kindling seems to be enough.

But there are times when, looking back, you'll find that the kindling has burned up and the fire has gone out. It hadn't ignited completely. You have to keep checking until the kindling is fully alight, until the flames burn, rising high above the wood. And once every two hours, you have to check on it, putting another log on the fire, confirming that it's still burning. Only then will warm temperatures be maintained all night long.

The process of keeping a fire alive is the same as that of working toward a goal. To achieve a goal, you have to give it energy. You have to keep watch over it, checking your progress. You also have to take action for it regularly and consistently, or else any momentum you have for achieving it will dissipate. If it looks like you're not making any progress, you need to work harder to revive it.

In the same way, you can maintain the passion you feel for your goal, as well as the physical strength you need to achieve it. Regularly and mindfully exercising your body and mind is necessary. I normally do one minute of exercise every hour while focusing on my body, especially my breath. In one minute, I am able to recharge my energy and send more oxygen to my brain, feeding the physical flames of my body. Naturally the fiery passion in my heart renews as my pulse speeds up. I also reconnect with my spirit and revive the values and dreams that give my life meaning.

Just as I eat food at regular intervals, I also consistently feed myself positive messages through the words in my mind and the media I consume. Through positive and empowering information, I keep my mind light and bright. We all need to watch ourselves carefully and tend to our minds so that we don't get stuck in the darkness of victim consciousness and guilt, but instead change our energy and take every opportunity to break free of our habits.

An ignited fire soon goes out if left alone. A dead fire is hard to rekindle. Endless devotion and management are needed to rekindle the flame in your brain, to keep it burning until you achieve your goal. In other words, you need love—love for yourself, love for what you will create, love for all. With love and care, providence will manifest.

But this takes courage. You need courage to keep the fire burning and not give up hope, even when the fire burns out. Guard against selfishness, arrogance, laziness, fogginess, stagnation, egotism, and discrimination. Rather than being an obstacle to your goals and going against providence, choose to be the kindling for the blaze that will power your goals. Be someone who is bold and confident with a bright, shining soul, igniting the flames yourself, keeping them burning.

Though your body may suffer from the demands of the challenges you take on, your soul will grow lighter. Though your ego is in anguish, your soul will tremble, vibrating, shedding tears of joy. Live such a life. Live that way for your own sake.

Jun 2018

Peace Is in the Brain

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Peace in the brain

All human beings have a key allowing them to feel inner peace, empowering them to create peace in life and the world. That key is their brain, which is the greatest gift given to humanity. A peaceful brain makes a peaceful life and a peaceful world.

The world has so much strife and confrontation now because it has so many squabbling, confrontational brains. The quality and quantity of information in a person's brain control a one’s life and determine whether there is peace in the world. To have a peaceful brain, we need to have peaceful information in it.

The Antonym of Peace

The antonym of peace is not war; it's selfishness. People's brains lack peace because they are so often full of the desire to control and possess and the need to satisfy selfish longings. While selfishness is a basic human tendency, there is hope for peace, because human brains are not artificial constructs. They are works of nature, and nature is not selfish. It does not try to control or possess.

Always underlying our selfish desires are our natural Hongik instinct and conscience. Our Hongik instinct is the innate goodwill toward all others and the caring mind and heart we all have inside us. But how can we access this instinct, regardless of the challenges or conflicts we may face?

The Most Important Question

Of all the lifeforms existing on the planet, humans alone are capable of asking themselves, "Who am I?" Their quest for the answers to this question takes them deep within themselves—the only place these answers reside. At the end of their journey, they encounter their true peaceful nature and meet the divinity that exists in their brains.

By divinity, I mean our brains' capacity for creativity. All of us inherited the capacity for creation from the Creator, and we also inherited the desire to do good for all people, all creation—the Hongik spirit.

When we’ve discovered our divinity and our true nature, our conscience, we’ve discovered our source of peace. We can see past our selfish desires and negative thoughts. Then we have greater capacity to choose peaceful thoughts and actions. The power to choose is part of our creative power.

Once the brain is freed this way, liberated from negative information and oppressive values, we realize that existence itself is health, happiness, and peace. We come to understand that we don't need to rely on others or institutions for health, happiness, and peace. We are confident that we have them within, whole and complete. And we wake up to the understanding that all life existing on the planet is one, having come from a single root. We are one with the earth, one with the cosmos. This is the ultimate enlightenment. We realize through the divinity in our brain that we are a cosmic, universal being.

Creating Earth Citizens

The Brain Education method I developed is designed to guide people to the peace in their brain, to all of these realizations. I call the people who have experienced the peace in their brain and the oneness of all beings Earth Citizens. They are people who use their brains creatively, having mastered them through Brain Education.

And through their creation, the peace they discovered in their brain can become peace throughout the earth. We can truly do great things when hearts concerned for all come together.

On June 15, 2001, the first anniversary of the inter-Korean summit of 2000, approximately 12,000 Earth Citizens (what I called Earth Humans then) came together in Seoul, South Korea for the First New Millennium World Peace and Humanity Conference. As part of the conference, we created and recited the Earth Citizen Declaration. Every June 15th since that day has been Earth Citizen Day.

I hope the number of people declaring themselves Earth Citizens continues to grow and reach 100 million. Then we will have reached a tipping point of Earth Citizens on the planet, and Earth Citizen values can become commonplace around the world. 

Pledge of Earth Citizens

  • As a responsible Earth Citizen, I agree to develop body, mind and spirit to get healthier naturally and become self-reliant.  

  • As an honorable Earth Citizen, I agree to cultivate the highest human virtues and greatness of human spirit.  

  • As a caring Earth Citizen, I agree to work with fellow Earth Citizens to create a peaceful, sustainable world.

To make this dream come true, I started the Earth Citizen Movement and founded the non-profit Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) to move the movement forward. You can learn more about ECO at, where you can also take the Earth Citizen pledge and offer your support.


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