Nov 2014

Why Make a Solar Body?

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Having what I call a Solar Body means independence and freedom from self-doubt. To make your body solar, you have to trust your energy’s ability to be charged by the energy of the sun and believe in your body’s capacity to heal itself.

A person who has a Solar Body isn’t dragged along by the rat race, always trying to get more. Accessing the limitless energy of the sun, they feel abundant and secure in their self-worth. From this sense of security, they grow as they naturally develop their passions.

Are you interested in being someone like this? It’s actually your nature. With practice, you can go back to it. It takes meditating regularly to keep your body temperature at its healthiest level. More than that, it involves acting out the inspiration you get from it right away to maintain your passion.

I call someone with a Solar Body who acts for the greater good a Solar Human. The very presence of a Solar Human makes the world brighter; they themselves are bright in body, mind, and spirit.

I did an interview for my film, CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity, about the concepts of Solar Body and Solar Human. Here is a clip from it for you to enjoy.

What do you think about the idea of Solar Humans?

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Ilchi Lee’s book, Bird of the Soul, an illustrated storybook for all ages, has slowly been spreading hope wherever it goes. Through the Bird of the Soul Book Drive hosted by the non-profit Body & Brain Yoga Foundation and sponsored by the publisher, Best Life Media, the book has put smiles on the faces of people in community centers, prisons, camps, senior centers, women’s shelters, and more.

The book has grown beyond its printed format to a full animation. Originally produced in South Korea and then dubbed in English, “Bird of the Soul Animated Storybook” brings the story and spirit of the book to life with movement and song.

The animation is free to view here or on YouTube, or you can download the file from the Movie section.

We hope the story and songs warm your heart!

Last January, before I headed to South Korea and New Zealand, I gave a talk about Brain Education at the Union Institute and University in Miami, Florida to a group of educators. Most of the methods I’ve developed or principles I’ve described fall under the heading of Brain Education; in this talk I addressed why Brain Education should be applied to an academic education and what happens when it is.

While I think most adults would agree that young people need to develop a good character and life coping skills, this aspect of education is sublimated in traditional schooling, with the possible exception of parochial schools and special charter schools. Emphasis is instead placed on making sure students meet specific standards by having them pass tests.

This strategy, however, ignores the intimate link between stress, emotional balance, and self-esteem and brain function and its consequent affect on academic performance. Brain Education recognizes this link and allows students to recognize their value and believe in themselves, making their brain function better and enhancing their school performance.

I’m happy I can share the full talk I gave with you here. What do you think about the way children are currently taught?

Watch this nature meditation inspired by Ilchi Lee’s experiences in Sedona, Arizona. Feel as if you are really in this majestic place as you let go of your fear and worry and uncover the peace and stillness that are always inside you.

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