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On April 5, 2019, the governor of New Mexico signed a bill allocating up to $100,000 to train public school teachers in Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education method. These funds will be implemented in the new fiscal year in July 2019 to train teachers at five public schools.

The bill was championed by house representatives Linda Trujillo and Christine Trujillo with support from state senators Nancy Rodriguez and Linda Lopez. 

New Mexico representatives and senators
Left to right: New Mexico State Representatives Christine Trujillo and Linda Trujillo and New Mexico State Senators Linda Lopez and Nancy Rodriguez

A five-step process of brain training for self-management, Brain Education had already been tested in New Mexico in a three-month pilot program in 2013 with seventy Zuni Pueblo middle school students led by local Brain Education instructors with the IBREA Foundation. After the program, the school reported marked improvements in academic and social behavior, as well as increased attendance. A Brain Education pilot project was also run at the Santa Fe Juvenile Probation Day Reporting program by instructors from Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi in 2015, and in 2018, Body & Brain ran a demonstration project during the spring semester at three schools chosen by the New Mexico Department of Public Education. Afterward, one teacher, Jessica Forbes, said, “I hope the program continues in the district and teachers continue to use the activities and strategies because it helps with classroom culture and team building as well as improve student achievement and performance.” So far, more than sixty Santa Fe public school teachers have already been trained to use Brain Education in their classrooms.

Zuni Pueblo middle school students practicing Brain Education exercises
Zuni Pueblo middle school students practicing Brain Education exercises.

Further evidence of Brain Education’s efficacy came from documented results in schools in New York City, El Salvador, South Korea, and Liberia, where it helped to improve concentration, academic performance, stress levels, emotion management, and relationships in students and teachers. It was recognized by the government of El Salvador in September 2018 for bringing a culture of peace to violence-ridden schools there, and Brain Education days and weeks have been declared in different U.S. cities and states. The most recent Brain Education Day was declared by the New Mexico House of Representatives itself on February 27, 2017.

New Mexico House of Representatives
New Mexico House of Representatives

In spite of the evidence for the marked improvements Brain Education has brought to schools and communities, the road to being awarded this budget was not short. Brain Education was first introduced in 2012 by State Senator Linda Lopez and then again in to the Legislative Education Study Committee in 2013. Funding bills for Brain Education teacher training were proposed in 2014 and again in 2015, but were not passed at that time. However, proponents of Brain Education persisted with conviction in its benefits.

When Ilchi Lee heard the budget bill had been passed, he sent a message to those who had worked on it saying, “I congratulate you with all my sincere heart. Because I know what kind of mindset you focused with, it’s even more touching, and I feel a thrill of exhilaration in my heart.”

New Mexico has prided itself on finding innovative education solutions, despite its ongoing challenges. The state has consistently been ranked next to last in education by the annual Quality Counts report of the national Education Week magazine and was even ruled by a state judge that it was “violating the constitutional rights of ‘at-risk students’ by failing to provide them with a sufficient education,” according to the Albuquerque Journal. One of reasons attributed to the state’s low performance is a 29 percent poverty rate among the state’s children, one of the nation’s highest.

This year’s Quality Counts report, however, showed small gains in the number of children enrolled in early childhood education programs and in its high school graduation rate. To multiply these gains and continue New Mexico’s tradition of innovation, the state’s new governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, and its congress increased the state education budget by 16 percent ($447 million) this year. The new budget will fund higher salaries, more days in school, and new programs such as Brain Education.

The new changes introduced for the coming year have made many educators optimistic according to the Santa Fe New Mexican. Farmington Municipal Schools Superintendent Eugene Schmidt said in response, “New Mexico is at a tipping point, and all of these opportunities will turn that tipping point into balance, and that will pay off for kids in the classroom.” The general sentiment was summed up by one seventh-grade math teacher at Kirtland Middle School, Cherylnn Lee, who said this year has a different feeling than years past: “That’s what everyone is feeling—that there is hope.”

Ilchi Lee making calligraphy

Ilchi Lee’s educational website,, is hosting a special exhibition of his brush calligraphy between March 21st and April 30th, 2019. This is the first time Ilchi Lee’s calligraphy is being exhibited online, giving anyone an opportunity to view and/or purchase it.

Change Your Energy created this exhibition because of the calligraphy’s ability to change the energy of a viewer or a space. It’s part of the site’s commitment to empowering people to create the life and the world of their dreams.

In East Asia, brush calligraphy is valued as the highest form of expression and art because the energy, character, and intentions of the writer can be felt from every stroke. Ilchi Lee made these calligraphy works in a state of deep meditation. He said, “My soul is expressed whenever I pick up a brush, dip it in ink, and let it glide across paper. With my back and brush held straight, I relax into the flow of energy. The brush moves on its own, creating shapes and meanings I become aware of simultaneously. The wisdom and energy of life reveals itself freely moment by moment and is communicated in each brushstroke.”

The words of each piece express an important energy principle or philosophy, ones that Ilchi Lee has been teaching for almost forty years. The calligraphy communicates his hope that “every human being discovers their value and life force within them and expresses them in their lives,” the exhibition webpage states.

The exhibition includes original one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as pieces available for reprint. They are framed in a simple, yet traditional style, with the reprints made to order. Some of the original pieces are more ornate, being framed in gold with gold trim along the sides of the rice paper the calligraphy is painted on. The artwork ranges from Chinese characters to English words to abstract pictures.

After April 30th, Ilchi Lee’s calligraphy is not expected to be exhibited in the near future.

Ilchi Lee’s biggest events of 2019 in the United States happened over the last two weekends. The Shin Myung Festivals hosted by Body & Brain Yoga and Health, Inc. brought 900 people in New York and 1200 people in Los Angeles together for celebration and meditation.

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival New York - Group Picture

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival New York

Participants were first treated to qigong demonstrations and dance performances by Body & Brain Yoga members. Then they were introduced to the work of Ilchi Lee’s students, who have applied his Brain Education method in schools in the United States and El Salvador, as well as at their workplaces and through technology such as YouTube and the upcoming

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival - Qigong

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival - Jonathan Martinez Story

Ilchibuko Todd of Tao Fellowship, a nonprofit near Sedona, Arizona that Ilchi Lee founded, led the audience through the basics of Brain Education, preparing them to receive a lot of energy and wisdom during Ilchi Lee’s interactive lecture.

Ilchibuko Todd

An important part of the event was the Pineal Gland Meditation and Chunmoon (Heavenly Gate) Meditation participants experienced. These meditation methods were designed to balance the health of the body and awaken the creative potential of the brain. This results from creating a state of Shinmyung, which literally means “divinity” (shin) “brightness” (myung). These two meditations enhance and increase the bright, divine energy Ilchi Lee says is present in the brain. Many participants shared they felt brighter and more hopeful after the event, and were inspired to share Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education methods, such as Pineal Gland Meditation and Chunmoon Meditation.

Ilchi Lee - Shinmyung Festival - Chunmoon Meditation | Chunmun Meditation

Chunmoon Meditation

After the event, Ilchi Lee commented that altogether the Shin Myung Festival “was on fire and filled with the most passion in all the history of the [events in the U.S.], a very precious time spent together with over 2,000 people. I threw myself into it completely . . . and great resonance and connection took place. It was a time of beauty and greatness.”

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival - brain games

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival New York - dancing

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival Los Angeles

In addition to the people who attended the event, many joined online as well. The entire New York event was streamed to almost 60 people in the United States, while the Los Angeles event reached 102 people in the United States. The LA event was also available in South Korea and Japan, where 404 and 59 people tuned in respectively.

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival New York - giving energy

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival Los Angeles - giving energy

The New York Shin Myung Festival took place at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa in Ellenville, NY, a center for Brain Education, while the LA event was hosted at the The Westin Hotel - Los Angeles Airport.

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival New York - Honor's Haven Resort & Spa

Many of the ideas and meditations Ilchi Lee discussed during the Shin Myung Festival, especially Pineal Gland Meditation and Chunmoon Meditation will be including in his upcoming book, Connect.

Ilchi Lee - Shin Myung Festival - Connect book

If you want to learn more about Brain Education, you can view easy snapshots of the method at or take online courses at It is also taught at all Body & Brain Yoga centers. Find the center nearest you at

Ilchi Lee Shin Myung Festival

This weekend and the next, I’ll be in the United States for two special events hosted by Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi called the Shin Myung Festival, which feature my Brain Education method. One will be in Ellenville, New York at Honor’s Haven Resort and Spa and the other at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Over a thousand people have already bought tickets to these one-day events so I thought in anticipation of them, I should explain a bit about what Shinmyung is.

Shinmyung is actually a state of consciousness. The word shin means “divinity” in Korean and myung means “bright.” When you are in a Shinmyung state, you are conscious of the bright divine energy that already exists in your brain. This energy is the same as that of the Source of life, the Creator.

This bright energy can be small or it can be large; you can ignore it or you can be aware of it. Bringing your awareness to this energy feeds it, making it brighter and brighter until it illuminates your true nature and the true nature of the cosmos. It’s like opening up your inner eye, what is usually called your third eye. All that was not visible to you before is made visible, just like turning on a light in a dark room. All of the furniture that was not visible in the room before can suddenly be seen.

What can you see when you open third eye? What is it like being in a Shinmyung state? You experience clear insight into the principles of life and can see yourself, others, and the world with a broader and brighter consciousness.  You're able to transcend your limits and discover solutions to the problems that worry you and may receive messages from a greater consciousness as images, sounds, or feelings. You also feel the principles of life—the love, gratitude, joy, and oneness that is the true nature of the universe.

When you achieve a Shinmyung state, you see the greater meaning of your life and you can approach each day with that meaning at the forefront of your focus, arranging your day to fit it. You can use that divine awareness and energy to continually create something new in any environment or circumstance.

woman meditating

A Shinmyung state is not something someone else can create for you or something that you learn in school. Even though you may get help, you can only illuminate yourself. You can experience Shinmyung in deep meditation or in the ordinary moments of your life. You feel it whenever you feel life energy, when you feel connected as one with all life, when you feel deep gratitude or love for the people and things around you, and when you experience something that is bigger than your small self.

However, in your daily life, it’s not easy to maintain this state. You can’t just meditate once and be in a Shinmyung state forever. As your focus shifts away from your divine nature, you will lose some of this awareness, and if you have negative thoughts, your divine energy will diminish. But if you keep practicing to grow the brightness in your brain, a Shinmyung state will become more durable. You’ll remain in that state for longer and can go back to it more easily. You’ll be able to be bright and positive and creative even while we are doing the dishes or walking the dog.

Since information is consciousness, the more positive information you exchange with others and yourself, the more your awareness will brighten and rise to a higher level. You will be able to think and act with love, tolerance, and unity. The more people that do this, the more our society will change into the ideal many of us have been working toward, and we can usher in a new spiritual civilization.

In my next blog post, I will tell you more about how to create a Shinmyung state through meditation. I also go into greater depth about Shinmyung in my books, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation and Living Tao: Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment.

If you are able to come, I hope to see you at the upcoming Shinmyung Festivals, where you can experience Brain Education methods for creating a Shinmyung state together with thousands of like-minded people. Go to the Facebook event pages to learn more, or visit to find a Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi center near you to get tickets.


walking on life's journey

It seems that from a certain time, we embarked on a long voyage. It seems that this voyage was begun without knowing when or why it started or without knowing who I am.

We need to know who we are and what this earth really is. We can't just keep living blindly as we have been.

This voyage of life that we go on—knowing nothing, becoming a person; becoming a man and becoming a woman, loving and hating; fighting one another and destroying, controlling, taking from, and killing each other; getting married and getting divorced; getting pregnant, impregnating women, making families and destroying them; and growing up and getting old and sick, and then dying—this isn't a voyage. It is aimless wandering and confusion.

That's enough now. Enough! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Now it’s time for a new life, one in which I truly know myself and I know Life itself, in which I know time and space, and I know my value. Only this is my life. Only this is my value. Only this is my dream.

I am the master of my life! Me! Me! Me! Us! We are the master of our lives!

May we all come together as one, and let us make true happiness on earth. May we come together—all of us together.

We can do it if we connect to ourselves—to our bodies, our hearts, and our divine nature in our brains. All of this knowledge is there. Connect inside and feel that we are all already together as one.


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