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May 2018

Kim Jong-un with Moon Jae-inNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the Inter-Korean Summit on April 27, 2018 in Panmunjom, South Korea. (Photo by Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images) 

On April 27, the day of the summit between North and South Korea, when an agreement for a completely denuclearized Korean peninsula was signed, a message came to me while I was meditating. It was from Mother Earth. She said: "This is the day we have been waiting for so eagerly."

And I knew that this is the beginning. The time has come to put the bad times behind us forever.

Let us do away with domination and subjection by the vested interests of the conservative and progressive and with the manipulation of all sorts of conflict and division and our habit of dispute and contention, which has become the norm over the years, and write a new history of great accord.

Good politics, good economics, and good education are not simply handed to us through the system. They develop as they are created and manifested by people who are awakened and know they have divinity, creative power, in their brain. This is the true consciousness of the democratic citizen of this era. The leading figures of a new history of the earth are what I call Earth Citizens. It is now time for Earth Citizens to awaken to who they truly are: people of greatness.

But people of true greatness do not attain greatness automatically because they say they have greatness. It is crucial to make the choices necessary for obtaining greatness, such as the choice to actualize a world in which every member of humankind coexists and prospers in peace. The people who have chosen greatness—whatever the enlightenment, whatever the adversity, whatever the fear—are all meaningful and valuable. What matters is what you choose.

Choosing greatness means becoming a determining agent of peace and reconciliation, believing in yourself with dignity and pride, and living with the Hongik spirit of benefitting all. With this giving spirit, we must wake up our core nature of love and harmony, found in the disposition and heart inside of us. It is this kind of spirit that can make all the earth—you, me, all of us—healthy, happy, and peaceful.

Earth Citizens

Start to choose by asking yourself questions such as: What does the 21st century Earth mean to me? It is questions like these that produce a reality that changes your great choices, as well as the great promises that cause those choices to be actualized. The answer to this question that I have chosen? You and I have come  because the 21st century Earth wanted us here desperately.

Before we are the citizens of any country, the members of any race, or the followers of any religion, we are of this Earth. We are Earth Humans—Earth Citizens. We must waste no time in breaking free from the small fences and boundaries that we have built and be enlightened to our true roots as Earth Citizens.

The time has come for the people who have answered the earth's call and come here out of love for the earth to come together with their hands on their hearts. If Earth Citizens who live with the earth and humankind as their core values were to gather in various parts of the world with an earnest wish for peace, and were to explode the Earth Citizen consciousness to expand their numbers to one million, ten million, and one hundred million, the future of the earth would surely be brighter than it is now.

An era of loving the earth and loving humans, as all peoples, religions, and life are respected, is coming. I pray with all my desperate and sincere heart that with the reconciliation of North and South Korea as the starting point, the great choices of Earth Citizens will actualize the true, core nature of human beings and the beauty of what is right. The great choices of humankind will tie together the 5 major oceans and 6 major continents in synergy and harmony and form a stepping stone to connecting and managing the entire world as one.


Ilchi Lee brain detox

On March 26, 2018, I gave a lecture to 70 people in Ghent, Belgium. I’d like to share with you one of the key messages from that lecture.

"When a person’s physical body ages, it grows old. However, depending on how you manage it, the health of that physical body becomes different. Just because you are at a young age, it doesn’t make you healthy, and simply being older doesn’t make you sick. It’s the same as a car. If you don’t take good care of it, you could total a new car in one month; but if you manage and care for it well, you could exceed the average and drive it around for 30 years. Our bodies are also truly different depending on how we manage and care for them.

"Are you familiar with the 106-year-old Frenchman, Robert Marchand? In his youth, he performed hard labor as a gardener, truck driver, firefighter, and so on, and his health deteriorated, and he was in his fifties when he decided he had to manage his health. What’s important is that he took a good look at himself. He looked at his past and he looked at his present, and that’s when he made a choice. He thought, “I’d better not live like this.”

"For most people, when they retire, they think, “I’m done living my life,” but what he did was make a resolution: “I’d better wake up and get it together. I have to make a new beginning.” And then he started cycling. Cycling is a wonderful exercise. But what made him healthy wasn’t the cycling so much as his mind and his spirit. By using his brain, he initiated change.

"Today, all of you brought your brain with you. Normally, we can’t really see our brain, so we don’t think about our brain that much. Compared to that, when it comes to the stomach, we’re always thinking about it and aware of it. “My digestion is good, or, it’s not good. I’m hungry, or, I’m full. I feel bloated,” etc. We’re always conscious of our stomach and we pay attention to the condition of our stomach. We think of our stomach as we have our three meals a day, and even the emotions of happiness and unhappiness are ruled depending on the condition of the stomach. That’s why your stomach always has your attention and it wants you to put good food and tasty food inside of it.

"But between your stomach and your brain, which one do you think is more important? Have you ever heard of brain indigestion? Many people have the condition of brain indigestion. They don’t know, however, that brain indigestion is a bigger problem than stomach indigestion.

"Your stomach consumes food, and your brain consumes information. Your brain digests vast quantities of information. Just as there is good food and junk food, even for information, there’s good information and “junk information.” In life, you come across bad information even if you don’t want it. If you have stomach indigestion, you can take a digestive aid, but there’s no digestive medicine for the brain. That’s why a problem occurs when various negative or bad information comes and settles into the brain and tries to control it.

"Nowadays, many medical scientists are concerned about issues of mental health. It’s already known that medical treatment merely acts as a stabilizer, it doesn’t effectively treat the fundamental problem. If there were a digestive aid for the brain, too, and if it were discovered and produced, wouldn't it offer some comfort and relief for your brain?

"At the age of 50, Robert Marchand assessed his body with his brain. So, what he did was to use the method of cycling as that digestive aid. That’s how he created a new future for himself, a second life. If you resonate with that, please give a round of applause. Even applause, as well as smiling, is information. They’re very good information for your health. I’d like you to direct your smiles and applause toward your own brain. If you smile as you clap, it brings good health as well as good fortune.

"By giving positive information to your brain like this, the information is converted into action, and change occurs in your brain. Then, change takes place in your heart, and your blood circulation is improved. When you do that, your body temperature rises 0.5 degrees (Celsius). There is a significant correlation between the condition of our brain and our temperature. If we want to, we can bring up that temperature at any time.

"But if junk information has entered and filled up your brain, your brain can’t function properly. It becomes a faulty brain. Your body temperature drops and your immune system is weakened. You lose motivation and develop various circulation problems. People who fail to address the problem of junk information could be controlled by it their entire lifetime.

"That’s why we need to inform our brains. Our brain has the capacity to purify, or detoxify, information. People who know that well are able to detox their brain and use it effectively. I made Brain Education so that many people could solve their mental health problems or issues of a faulty brain and become the owner and master of their brain."


One Brain Education exercise I especially recommend for purifying your brain is Brain Wave Vibration. By physically vibrating your body and shaking your head and tapping your body (especially your abdomen), you raise your temperature and find your negative thoughts shaking out of your brain. To see an example of Brain Wave Vibration, you can watch these videos.

As an extension of that, you can do Belly Button Healing, which activates the "brain" you have in your gut and removes both stomach indigestion and brain indigestion. Press your belly button in and out rhythmically while you concentrate your mind on your abdomen, and soon warmth and clarity will fill your body. To learn more about how to do Belly Button Healing, you can see videos here.

Ilchi Lee Book Talk Sedona AZ

Ilchi Lee will be at The Collective Sedona on Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 2 PM to 4 PM MST talking about his newest book, I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation. The talk will also be broadcast live online at, Lee's online educational platform. 

Whether you see it in person or online, you'll learn Ilchi Lee's secrets to aging well and hear his insights into longevity that stem from 40 years of study and research into the human body and mind. You'll also discover the value of the later years of your life. 

You'll also learn:

  • Which positive habits you need for a life of longevity and health 
  • What your true self wants
  • What mind-body exercises you can easily fit into your busy life
  • What it means to become an enlightened elder who acts as a role model for the younger generation

To get tickets to watch it in person, go to

To get tickets to watch it online, go to

The live streaming tickets include the downloadable audiobook version of I've Decided to Live 120 Years

About the Book
I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years combines Ilchi Lee’s lifetime of teaching ancient Korean mind-body spirit practices with his research on the human body and mind. Rather than just a guide, the book dives into enlightening topics about aging and longevity that will affect your spirit and heart, giving you a chance to find your true purpose and self.

Jan 2018

Beginning Monday, February 5, 2018, those who sign up will be emailed a series of video talks by Ilchi Lee on his latest book, I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation. The nine videos in the series, called Ilchi 120 School, will be delivered once per week and will answer questions like: How do you live a life of purpose? What do you do after retirement? How do you build a life plan for the future? How can you manifest what you want in life? What do you need to remember as you age?

The topics covered will be: 

February 5, 2018
The Story Behind I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years

February 12, 2018
Picturing a 120 Year Life

February 19, 2018
The Most Important Secret in Aging

February 26, 2018
Finding and Knowing Your Purpose

March 5, 2018
Maintaining Physical Power

March 12, 2018
Opening Heart Power

March 19, 2018
Developing Brain Power to Manifest Your Dreams

March 26, 2018
Old vs. Young: The Relationship Between Elders and the Youth

April 2, 2018
What You Need in 2018

The creator of the series, the educational website founded by Ilchi Lee,, hopes recipients will gain the insight and information they need to plan for a long, happy, and fulfilling life. They aim to open up new possibilities for the future of each person and society as a whole.

Go to the official website to sign up to receive the series.

Train to develop your physical power, heart power, and brain power for your health, happiness, and peace.

I'd like to share this excerpt from my book, I've Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation, because I believe it outlines what you need for a long and happy life.

"To provide for your own health, happiness, and peace, you need to train your physical power, heart power, and brain power. Physical power is a cornerstone for happiness  and health in old age. Developing physical power is also a shortcut for developing heart power and brain power. If you don’t know where or how to begin designing your old age, try starting with physical power. When your body develops strength, your ambition naturally grows along with it, and you find that you have new ideas and new things you want to try. It’s a good idea to find a concrete physical goal for the level of physical power you want to reach or an ideal model you can imitate.

Your heart power grows when you have core values that guide your life. You choose words  and actions in keeping with your soul and conscience, you try to reveal fully the positive character qualities within you, and you have mature sentiments.

Like your physical power, the more you use the power of your heart, the greater it grows.  Heart power is a strength that develops through relationships. The tolerance, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and consideration within us grow when we train them, just as we train to increase our physical power. Close personal relationships such as those with family and friends and the communities to which we belong are excellent training grounds for heart power.

The core of brain power is creativity. Having lots of knowledge does not mean that you have strong brain power. Brain power uses insight and wisdom to create something that contributes to ourselves and to the world. 'Necessity is the mother of invention,' the saying goes. This expresses very well how creativity, a characteristic of the brain, is manifested.

Creativity comes from curiosity, from interest in and love for ourselves and the world. If you carefully examine yourself and what’s around you with affection, then ideas on how  to fix and improve things are bound to come to mind. Acting on these ideas with will and focus leads to creation.

A life of completion [(a life fully completed without regret)] begins with providing for your own health, happiness, and peace by developing physical power, heart power, and brain power. This is consistent with the process for developing the body’s energy system to achieve spiritual completion in Korea’s Sundo tradition. When the lower dahnjon in the belly is sufficiently developed, it becomes the source of reliable physical power, and the body’s vital energy is strengthened. When the middle dahnjon in the heart is developed, heart power grows, and virtues such as love, tolerance, and empathy are expressed. When the upper dahnjon in the head is developed, brain power grows, and insight, understanding, and wisdom develop."

A complete life is on in which physical power, heart power, and brain power are fully developed, and the power to do so lies inherently within yourself. Simple methods for strengthening these three powers can be found in I've Decided to Live 120 Years.

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