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Last January, before I headed to South Korea and New Zealand, I gave a talk about Brain Education at the Union Institute and University in Miami, Florida to a group of educators. Most of the methods I’ve developed or principles I’ve described fall under the heading of Brain Education; in this talk I addressed why Brain Education should be applied to an academic education and what happens when it is.

While I think most adults would agree that young people need to develop a good character and life coping skills, this aspect of education is sublimated in traditional schooling, with the possible exception of parochial schools and special charter schools. Emphasis is instead placed on making sure students meet specific standards by having them pass tests.

This strategy, however, ignores the intimate link between stress, emotional balance, and self-esteem and brain function and its consequent affect on academic performance. Brain Education recognizes this link and allows students to recognize their value and believe in themselves, making their brain function better and enhancing their school performance.

I’m happy I can share the full talk I gave with you here. What do you think about the way children are currently taught?

Jan 2016

We are now in what I call the "Information Era"—a time in which information actualizes into material reality. In the past, only those who had power and/or vast knowledge gained success. However, in the Information Era—the age of the interconnectedness of the internet—information is transmitted and distributed beyond the limitations of nationality, religion, culture, hierarchy, and social class. Now, the priority is not accumulation of information, but rather, how one creates and uses information. 

Information, if unused, is only information. However, if information is integrated into your outlook, made part of your lifestyle, and practiced regularly, energy is added to it. When enough energy is generated through your conviction and action, it becomes matter. Then it's able to be used. In this way, the mind and material are not separate. They are one. The information that makes up your mind becomes energy. Accumulated energy becomes material reality. I have called the unity of mind, energy, and matter, LifeParticles.

If you scatter the information and disrupt the focus of energy in the middle of this process, however, then the speed at which information is transmitted rapidly decreases. This inevitably prevents a material outcome because enough energy cannot accumulate. In order for energy to accumulate, it must be concentrated and unified.

Debate and discussion exist to unify information, especially among a group of people. However, once you've united information and chosen the the direction you should take, then you must not discuss or debate that direction any further. If you keep arguing over already unified information, then you will fall into chaos in the process. Until you achieve unified information, you need to debate and discuss freely and share to see if there’s any better information out there. However, when you’ve achieved unified information through discussion and debate, then the next step is to take action. Don’t just talk and think about the possible methods. You must act and build energy through that. You must not diffuse and separate that energy.  


Choose Your Information

The information you to which you choose to give energy determines your value, as well as what you create. In the same way, in this Information Era, the type of information humanity chooses and creates will determine the continuity or destruction of human civilization. 

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are models of success in the Information Era. Rather than being studious individuals who acquired a lot of knowledge, they were individuals who achieved success by changing people's lifestyle with material products based on one idea. They are examples of people who utilized and created information.

However, their goal was to achieve success among the infinite competition. In order for the human civilization to continue and grow, I would propose a different goal—that of Hongik. The goal of Hongik means to benefit each other and live harmoniously with one another. It requires being awakened to the fact that human consciousness is connected to all life and that we need to benefit all life forms. It also requires being owners of information—choosing information and using it instead of letting it choose and rule over us.

Some people are “happy makers” who create good news every day through positive actions and words. They choose information that is beneficial and empowering and that allows them to accomplish their goals. There are also “sad makers” who trap themselves within their own thoughts and fall into their own victim consciousness, fear, and guilt, and therefore pollute everything around them. When we understand that human beings are owners of information in this Information Age, we can choose whether we are happy makers or sad makers.


It's All In the Brain

The process of accepting, choosing, using, and creating information is all accomplished by the brain. This is why the human brain is important in the Information Era. The brain chooses information and creates energy by repeating that information and training itself in that information through command. Then, that energy accumulates and is birthed as one shape or material reality. 

This is why the amount and quality of information in a human brain determines one’s value. How you use the brain and for what purpose not only determines the future of your own individual life, but also the future of all humanity. 

That is why I created Brain Education. The spirit and philosophy of Brain Education is Hongik. Brain Education was birthed into this world to let people know about their brain—what its value is, what its purpose is, and how to use it. 

For teaching Brain Education, I created many educational institutions, from the high school to the graduate school level. Through this education, people learn how to choose information for Hongik, for the purpose of their growth and the continued growth of human civilization.

In the Information Era, people who make and use information need to emerge. They are the creators of the future. That's what using your brain is. There are those who live as slaves as information, and those who make information. Let us all make and use information well.

Mar 2016

Unleash Your Power Brain with Ilchi Lee and Dave Beal

ChangeYourEnergy.com and Sedona Meditation Center will host a workshop to celebrate the launch of Ilchi Lee's new book, The Power Brain: Five Steps to Upgrading the Brain's Operating System. The three-hour event, called Unleash Your Power Brain, will take place on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at the Sedona Creative Life Center at 333 Schnebly Hill Road in Sedona, Arizona from 2 pm to 5 pm. Ilchi Lee will speak on "How to Upgrade Your Brain Operating System."

His talk will be preceded by an experiential lecture by Dave Beal, Program Director and National Trainer of Power Brain Education. Mr. Beal will share "Five Steps to a Power Brain" and lead the audience in the Brain Education exercises developed by Ilchi Lee.

The Power Brain is a comprehensive guide to Ilchi Lee's Brain Education philosophy and methods, which he has been developing over the past thirty-five years to help people live happier, healthier, and more peaceful lives by maximizing their brain's potential. The methods within it not only help you improve focus, memory, emotional balance, and stress management, they also help you discover your value, recreate the story of your life, and claim a new destiny.

Power Brain Education is a New York-based company that has helped over 350 schools and counting incorporate Ilchi Lee's Brain Education methods into their curriculum and culture. More information about their training centers, teacher's workshops, and youth camps can be found on their website, www.PowerBrainEducation.com.

Tickets to the event cost $30 and can be purchased on SedonaPowerBrain.com or by contacting the Sedona Meditation Center at (928) 282-3600 or info@sedonameditationcenter.org. The cost includes a copy of The Power Brain.

Ilchi Lee's new book will be officially published on April 15, 2016, but it is already available for pre-order at ChangeYourEnergy.com and Amazon.com.

Apr 2016

Last Saturday, April 9, 2016, the Sedona Meditation Center and ChangeYourEnergy.com hosted the Unleash Your Power Brain workshop with Ilchi Lee and Dave Beal at the Sedona Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona. The workshop launched Ilchi Lee's new book, The Power Brain: Five Steps to Upgrading Your Brain Operating System.

This book is his latest, and most comprehensive, on his Brain Education self-development method. It includes both the principles behind using your brain to its full potential, as well as illustrated brain-body exercises that integrate the various parts of the brain and fortify existing neural connections while making new ones.

The 250 people who attended filled the seats, stood at the back, and overflowed into the room outside. It was a workshop in which, as one participant said, "Normally you come and you sit, and you're by yourself, learning for yourself. And here, you come and interact with everyone, and you're learning as a community. And you learn about being a community by learning as a community."

In his talk on “Five Steps to a Power Brain,” Dave Beal led the audience in exercises to experience the five steps of Brain Education. The participants found themselves playing games, laughing and smiling, feeling empowered, and meeting new people.

Ilchi Lee kept the laughter going in his talk on “How to Upgrade Your Brain Operating System.” He injected humor while he differentiated between the natural intelligence of the human brain and the artificial intelligence of robots by pointing out that humans have the ability to both empathize with others and communicate our emotions and awareness. The scope of his talk ranged from the individual brain to the collective consciousness of humanity. He said each human being is intrinsically valuable and has the ability and responsibility to take care of the planet.

Workshop participants came from in and around Sedona, as well as the Phoenix metropolitan area and as far away as Hawaii. The event was also broadcast live on Ilchi Lee’s Facebook page

A copy of The Power Brain was given to each participant. The book will be released in stores on April 15th, but can be bought now on ChangeYourEnergy.com.

Dave Beal is the Program Director and Head National Trainer of Power Brain Education. They have introduced Brain Education to 400 schools around the United States, training 10,000 teachers and 30,000 students over the past eight years. 

Brain Education is also being taught in more than 600 Body & Brain Yoga centers in 10 countries, as well as in health clubs, community centers, and large corporations. It is used by athletes, actors, doctors, and even by the United Nations.

To train people in Brain Education, Ilchi Lee has established the International Brain Education Association, two universities that study and teach Brain Education, and the Benjamin School for Character Education—an alternative one-year high school program that uses Brain Education to help youth find their confidence, solidify their values, and discover their dreams. He's also established the Korea Institute of Brain Science to pursue further research on Brain Education, and the Earth Citizens Organization to train leaders who use Brain Education to empower their communities to live in harmony with the earth.

Those who want further experience in Brain Education can join a three-day, two-night retreat in June at Sedona Mago Retreat with Dave Beal and Ilchibuko Todd. More information can be found at the Sedona Meditation Center, (928) 282-3600. They can also find a Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi center on bodynbrain.com, or study it online through ChangeYourEnergy.com.

On March 29, 2016, at the Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, the International Research Association for Brain Education (IRABE) held an association launch and Brain Education Future Forum with  the participation of about 300 people from the educational world and association members.

The forum sought a new direction for education. In particular, it was planned as a place for a discussion that would explore the present and future of Brain Education, which is attracting attention as an alternative/solution for education in the future. Its topic of focus was “Earth Management, Brain Education, the Future of Education.”

By exploring the principles and methods of the Brain Education method Ilchi Lee created for developing human beings’ infinite potential, the International Research Association for Brain Education hopes to contribute to making individuals and society form a healthier, happier, and more peaceful world.

This forum was jointly hosted by the Korea Institute of Brain Science (KIBS), the Brain Trainers Association, the International Brain Education Association (IBREA), and the Global Cyber University, and organized by the International Research Association for Brain Education and the International Graduate University of Brain Education.

Association Chairman Ilchi Lee gave his keynote speech about “Earth Management, Brain Education, and the Future of Education.” Lee said, “Through the recent contest between Lee Sedol and AlphaGo, the fourth industrial revolution that is being led by artificial intelligence is becoming a big issue,” and that, “Ultimately, artificial intelligence is a product that was made by the creativity of the human brain, and what requires the biggest change through artificial intelligence is education.”

Furthermore, Lee said, “The current education that’s based on rote memorization can no longer keep up with artificial intelligence, and what can be an alternative/solution is Brain Education, which develops natural human intelligence, character, and creativity, which are innately found only in humans,” and that, “All you need to do is develop the infinite potential of the brain, which every human being has. The way to utilize your brain—activating the Brain Operating System (BOS)—is the essence of Brain Education (is what’s at the heart of Brain Education). Just as what has produced the human civilization of today is the infinite creativity of the brain, the key to solving the crisis facing humankind is also in our brains.”

“The future Brain Education strives for as a technology for peace is the birth and solidarity of 100 million Earth Citizens who set the 'earth’ and ‘peace’ as core values for their brain. The International Research Association for Brain Education will walk this path with full confidence and conviction that it can bring significant changes to human consciousness and civilization, with the hope that you will join this path together.”

Dave Beal from the US Brain Education Association spoke on the topic of “Brain Education improves the quality of education in the US.” He said, “The introduction of Brain Education in US public schools is increasing every day,” and that, “According to the results of a Brain Education pilot project that was conducted for 180 at-risk students for 8 weeks in District 7 in the Bronx, New York, Brain Education reduced students’ behavioral issues and peer relationship problems by over 50%, and emotional struggles by about 75%. It also reduced students’ ADHD issues and increased prosocial behavior.”

On this day, congratulatory messages were sent for the International Research Association for Brain Education Launch and Brain Education Future Forum from notable figures of the academic world, including Educational Superintendent of the City of Sefaoul Heuiyeon Jo, Educational Superintendent of the City of Daegu Dongki Woo, Educational Superintendent of south Chungcheong province Jicheol Kim, Educational Superintendent of north Chungcheong province Byeongwoo Kim, Educational Superintendent of south Kyungsang province Jonghoon Bak, Educational Superintendent of north Kyungsang province Yeongwoo Yi, and Seoul University President Nagin Seong.

The Speakers

The International Research Association for Brain Education is conducting international Brain Education research according to age group and industry. The research results will be shared through symposiums, conferences, forums, and academic publications, and international interaction will take place through the international Brain Education network. An academic journal is being published regularly twice a year.

May 2016

On Saturday, May 7, 2016, Power Brain Education hosted a full-day Brain Education workshop and conference at PS 144 in Queens, New York, at which Ilchi Lee was a keynote speaker. In the morning, three rounds of one-hour interactive workshop sessions were held, during which participants could choose among eight speakers each time. These sessions taught how to use Ilchi Lee's Brain Education method to increase motivation, creativity, confidence, and happiness and relieve stress and anxiety. They applied Brain Education to the needs of students, teachers, and parents. The presenters were school teachers and instructors from Power Brain Education and Body & Brain Yoga & Tai Chi.

Starting at 1 pm, three educators spoke at the conference, which lasted until 5 pm. The first to speak was the superintendent of District 7 in the Bronx, Elisa Alvarez. Her presentation shared the effects Brain Education has had on schools in her district. She said that "in the fall of last year 2015, we conducted Brain Education with 180 students who were struggling in school. By balancing the student's emotions, we saw surprising results in emotional management, social relationships, and focus. Through these findings, my District was selected as the most innovative in New York City. District 7 is now a Power Brain district and is at the forefront of spreading Brain Education to all schools." 

Next Ilchi Lee spoke on the importance of giving young people opportunities to develop their character and integrity. He introduced the Benjamin School for Character Education, which he began for high school students in his native South Korea. At this one-year program without a school building, teachers, homework, books, or tests, students choose and complete a "dream project" that ignites their creativity and helps them discover what they are passionate about. He also shared his latest Brain Education technique, which is now the easiest and fastest way to do the 5 steps of Brain Education. Called Belly Button Healing, this technique activates our "second brain," or "gut brain," and increases blood, lymph, and energy circulation. It warms the body, which enhances our immunity. With Belly Button Healing, people can use what may seem like a mere scar to form a stronger and deeper connection with themselves, other people, and the earth.

Although Ilchi Lee usually speaks in Korean and uses an interpreter, during this talk, he recited a poem he had written that had been translated into English. Called "Finding True Self," the poem speaks of the authentic selves all people have inside them. By using our will and determination, as Ilchi Lee used them to recite the poem in English, we give our true selves expression.

Last to speak was Dave Beal, Program Director and Head National Trainer for Power Brain Education. He addressed applying Brain Education to the classroom and the positive results that Power Brain Education has seen in New York City schools so far. Dave introduced the Power Brain 10, which are elements of education that Brain Education helps to develop such as team building, focus, physical health, emotional wellness, and citizenship. He led the audience in Brain Education exercises to give a taste of different elements.

The event drew 160 people in the field of education and 230 parents, for a total of 390 people. It was broadcast live on Facebook on Ilchi Lee's page, which has almost 50,000 followers. The reaction from the audience after the conference ended was very positive. One educator said that she would like to implement Brain Education at her school so she connected right away to Power Brain Education. One psychology professor from a university expressed that she wanted to work at the University of Brain Education in South Korea. She also expressed much enthusiasm about the possibility of having a version of the Benjamin School in the U.S.

Many people came together to make this workshop and conference possible.

After it was over, Ilchi Lee told them, "As the last 20 years flew by, my heart has been deeply moved. You all worked very hard. Today you demonstrated an important rule of your Brain Operating System (BOS): If you choose it, it will happen. That choice comes from will. I used to wander in my life because of my ADHD, and when I got into college after the third try I thought, 'Ah, I can't live like this anymore.' That awakening and that will I had at that moment has led me to this point. Like this, everything starts with will. Will is not your emotions. This is the power that lets you have character and integrity, which is something that only humans have. Brain Education is an educational method that evolves emotions to sensibility, sensibility to human character, and human character to divinity."

July 2016 will herald the release of Ilchi Lee's newest book, Belly Button Healing: Unlocking the Second Brain for a Healthy Life, published by Best Life Media. This succinct paperback solidifies in writing Mr. Lee's latest natural health offering to anyone who wants more vitality, compassion, and connection. Belly Button Healing has a whole host of benefits, the book explains, ranging from better immunity, to pain relief, improved range of motion, relief from constipation, better blood and lymph circulation, and more.

In his ongoing quest to uncover simpler and easier ways to gain total health and inspire people to value themselves and show compassion for others, Ilchi Lee has explained the power of the belly button. What may seem like only a birth scar, Mr. Lee says, is actually a point that connects to major organs, blood vessels, lymph nodes, and even energy channels. By pressing into the belly button gently, you can feel points of tension that may be restricting your movement, circulation, or digestion. Massaging these points removes the acute restriction, while at the same time, relaxes the body and calms the mind--the most beneficial state for rest and repair.

Besides these effects, Belly Button Healing improves mood, purportedly by stimulating the release of "happy hormones" such as serotonin and dopamine, which are produced in abundance in the gut. It also creates a better environment for healthy gut microbes to thrive in the intestines. These microscopic organisms have a symbiotic relationship with the human body. While they make their home in the gut, they provide a healthier intestinal wall, better immunity, and more release of these happy hormones, especially serotonin.

Along with the book, Ilchi Lee has designed a Belly Button Healing Wand called Healing Life. The name reflects Mr. Lee's belief that Belly Button Healing is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy individuals, thinks Mr. Lee, create healthy communities that can ultimately heal all life. The tool is ergonimically designed so that most people can perform Belly Button Healing more consistently and efficiently. Ilchi Lee carved the prototype for the wand himself from the healing bark of a hwangchil tree after seeing a vision of what it should look like.

The Belly Button Healing book is being sold alone at major booksellers, or with the Belly Button Healing Kit, which also includes the Healing Life wand and the Belly Button Healing online course on ChangeYourEnergy.com. The kits are being sold at ChangeYourEnergy.com and at Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi Centers throughout the United States. Healing Life itself is also being sold at any location that teaches Ilchi Lee's methods around the world. In-person instruction in Belly Button Healing is also available at these locations.

For more information about Belly Button Healing, visit BellyButtonHealing.com.

Jun 2016

Everywhere I go nowadays, I tell each person I meet about Belly Button Healing. It's an amazing and natural method of self-care that I have been percolating over the past 30 years. It stemmed from my interest in natural healing; my study of abdominal breathing, postures, and correcting spinal alignment; and trials on myself when I did not feel well. Belly Button Healing has effects on the physical body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

The belly button is a point of connection. It started as the spot where the umbilical cord connecting us to our mothers entered our body. Through it, we can nurture ourselves, just as our mothers did before we were born. Through blood vessels, ligaments, nerves, and fascia, the belly button is also connected to the organs in our abdomen, our brains, and ultimately, to the rest of our bodies.

As a major energy point that sits over an energy center, the belly button connects to the body's whole energy system. Stimulating it accumulates warm energy in the energy center, which can open all of the meridians when enough is gathered. Stimulating it also helps us concentrate on our bodies. A warm core and internal awareness lowers our brain waves into a meditative state, offering greater connection to ourselves. This deepened sense of connection expands to include other people, to whom we are connected in a long line of mothers, back to the first one. It also encompasses Mother Earth.

I have great hope for Belly Button Healing, because people can feel marked effects in a short amount of time. This can give them confidence in themselves and their power of self-healing. It can bring them clarity and stronger empathy and compassion.

With the simple act of pressing and massaging the belly button three times a day, I hope millions of people become empowered to create health, happiness, and peace in their own lives and on the earth.

Watch how you do one Belly Button Healing technique:

Jul 2016


We are in a tug of war of information. We argue over what is real and what is fake, as if our lives depended on the answer. But, there is no real or fake information. Nobody can actually know what is real or fake. Fake and real are artificial. 

People who know the Truth don't get stuck in wordplay. What really matters is whether or not something is helpful to the whole. 

People who fail to awaken to this become slaves of information and its purveyors and hurt each other. But you don't have to be a slave. You can decide what is real or fake.

It's when you don't know your value that you are unable to determine what is real or fake. People who know their value decide for themselves, make promises, and keep them. Now, recognize how precious your value is, decide for yourself, and start acting on your promises.

Belly Button Healing is a method that can free you from the slavery of information. Through the belly button, you can connect to the origin of life energy, and gain a sense of the independent value of your existence. Just like air, water, and the rest of nature, your value does not depend on concepts and ideas. It is self-existent.

A new era is unfolding now. As you become the workers and decision-makers of the new era and transcend affiliation and categorization to move according to the decisions you have made, miraculous things will happen.

Jul 2016

How to Be Worry-Free

By Ilchi Lee Comment

We all have worries. Worry is a natural function of the human brain, which can remember the past and look to the future to find many things to worry about. Worry comes from our instinct to survive. But too much worry brings suffering without solutions. We can't go back to the past and change it, and no one really knows what will happen even one minute into the future. The only time frame we really exist in is the present. By habitually worrying over things for which worrying does no good, we are not managing our brains well. When we have too much worry, it takes over our brains, but a happy and healthy life can only come from hope and confidence in humanity's inherent creative power. We have that power because we are a part of nature and come from the same creative Source. In order to tap into our creative potential, we need to cleanse our brains of worry about the past and the future.

Techniques for managing the brain are even more crucial in these times, when we're flooded with countless forms of information that give us more things to worry about. While society teaches us how to use computers, however, it doesn't teach us how to manage our brains.

In order to manage our brains well, giving it good food and sleep is not enough. We have to be able to sense the state of our brains. Are our brains emotional or calm? Are they open or closed? Are they existing in a far off place or time or present in the here and now. In order to manage our brains well, we need to put them in a pure, zeroed state—the brain's original state, which is free from emotion.

Returning to a zero state is like zeroing a scale before weighing something. We cannot get an accurate reading of ourselves or our environment if our inner scales are set to five instead of zero. If the needle on our scales has moved away from zero, it means we're mired in some emotional state. We could become stuck there, so we need techniques that allow us to come out of those emotions and go back to zero whenever we want.

This is crucial. For that, we need meditation. 

But we can't easily recover a zeroed state just because we try to meditate. When we sit down to meditate, there are times when all kinds of thoughts come to mind. If we sit for thirty minutes in such a state, although it looks as if we're meditating on the outside, it's not actually meditation. If we've really attained a meditative state, we won't even recognize that we're meditating. True meditation means being free from obsessive thoughts and emotions. In such a state, we can commune with ourselves, with the people around us, and with nature. 

The Belly Button Healing is a great way to overcome the thoughts and emotions that keep us from a meditative state, a zeroed state. During Belly Button Healing, we gently press the belly button over our clothing and find our pain points. This naturally helps us focus on the feelings in our bodies, which exist in the present.

Then, our consciousness, which once wandered around outside obsessed with worries and thoughts, comes back into our bodies. When that happens, our useless worries and thoughts disappear, and we naturally achieve a meditative state without intentionally trying. From this state, we can operate our brains well. The secret is in the belly button.

World-renowned gut health expert, Dr. Emeran Mayer, will join Ilchi Lee, the creator of Belly Button Healing and Brain Education, for a lecture hosted by ChangeYourEnergy.com and Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi on Sunday, September 18, 2016 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM at the Moseley-Salvatori Conference Center in Los Angeles, California. The two will discuss the close connection between the brain and the gut at the event, called “Healthy Gut Happy Brain,” and how this connection affects every aspect of our lives, from mood to thoughts to choices to health and more. Participants will also experience Belly Button Healing, a new, simple and holistic gut health technique that takes advantage of and strengthens the gut-brain connection and leads to greater clarity, stamina, and vitality of body, mind, and spirit.

Both speakers have a keen interest in Western and Eastern approaches to health and have applied them in their work. At this lecture, participants will see these approaches interwoven as these experts and bestselling authors with different backgrounds come together.


Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee has spent more than three decades developing and teaching many mind-body training and natural healing methods modernized from traditional Korean practices, including Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, Brain Wave Vibration, Solar Body Method, and Belly Button Healing. He has systemized these methods and established for-profit and non-profit organizations to research and teach them, including the Korea Institute of Brain Science, the International Brain Education Association (IBREA), the University of Brain Education, and the Global Cyber University. People in countries around the world have taken their health and happiness into their own hands with Ilchi Lee’s methods and have then worked to bring what they’ve gained to their families and communities, especially with the help of other organizations Ilchi Lee has established for the sake of global sustainability and peace, such as the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO).


Dr. Emeran Mayer

Emeran Mayer, MD, PhD

Emeran Mayer, MD, PhD has had a major role in the development of one of the world’s pre-eminent clinical and research programs in digestive diseases over the past 25 years. He serves as the Executive Director of the G Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress and Resilience and the Co-director of the CURE: Digestive Diseases Research Center at UCLA, while having joint appointments in the departments of Medicine, Physiology, and Psychiatry there. He has published more than 300 peer reviewed scientific manuscripts, including ones in Nature and the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Mayer’s research was the subject of his TED Talk, “The mysterious origins of gut feelings,” his book, The Mind-Gut Connection, and an upcoming PBS Special on gut microbiota brain interactions in the Natural Health Breakthroughs with Brenda Watson series. He has also explored the traditional healing practices of people around the world, including those of Native Americans, Chinese, and Indians, and tried to integrate their wisdom with modern science.

Tickets for this event can be purchased for $30 below through Eventbrite or at any Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi center in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Go to www.bodynbrain.com to find a center.

More information about Belly Button Healing can be found at BellyButtonHealing.com.



Ilchi Lee brain detox

On March 26, 2018, I gave a lecture to 70 people in Ghent, Belgium. I’d like to share with you one of the key messages from that lecture.

"When a person’s physical body ages, it grows old. However, depending on how you manage it, the health of that physical body becomes different. Just because you are at a young age, it doesn’t make you healthy, and simply being older doesn’t make you sick. It’s the same as a car. If you don’t take good care of it, you could total a new car in one month; but if you manage and care for it well, you could exceed the average and drive it around for 30 years. Our bodies are also truly different depending on how we manage and care for them.

"Are you familiar with the 106-year-old Frenchman, Robert Marchand? In his youth, he performed hard labor as a gardener, truck driver, firefighter, and so on, and his health deteriorated, and he was in his fifties when he decided he had to manage his health. What’s important is that he took a good look at himself. He looked at his past and he looked at his present, and that’s when he made a choice. He thought, “I’d better not live like this.”

"For most people, when they retire, they think, “I’m done living my life,” but what he did was make a resolution: “I’d better wake up and get it together. I have to make a new beginning.” And then he started cycling. Cycling is a wonderful exercise. But what made him healthy wasn’t the cycling so much as his mind and his spirit. By using his brain, he initiated change.

"Today, all of you brought your brain with you. Normally, we can’t really see our brain, so we don’t think about our brain that much. Compared to that, when it comes to the stomach, we’re always thinking about it and aware of it. “My digestion is good, or, it’s not good. I’m hungry, or, I’m full. I feel bloated,” etc. We’re always conscious of our stomach and we pay attention to the condition of our stomach. We think of our stomach as we have our three meals a day, and even the emotions of happiness and unhappiness are ruled depending on the condition of the stomach. That’s why your stomach always has your attention and it wants you to put good food and tasty food inside of it.

"But between your stomach and your brain, which one do you think is more important? Have you ever heard of brain indigestion? Many people have the condition of brain indigestion. They don’t know, however, that brain indigestion is a bigger problem than stomach indigestion.

"Your stomach consumes food, and your brain consumes information. Your brain digests vast quantities of information. Just as there is good food and junk food, even for information, there’s good information and “junk information.” In life, you come across bad information even if you don’t want it. If you have stomach indigestion, you can take a digestive aid, but there’s no digestive medicine for the brain. That’s why a problem occurs when various negative or bad information comes and settles into the brain and tries to control it.

"Nowadays, many medical scientists are concerned about issues of mental health. It’s already known that medical treatment merely acts as a stabilizer, it doesn’t effectively treat the fundamental problem. If there were a digestive aid for the brain, too, and if it were discovered and produced, wouldn't it offer some comfort and relief for your brain?

"At the age of 50, Robert Marchand assessed his body with his brain. So, what he did was to use the method of cycling as that digestive aid. That’s how he created a new future for himself, a second life. If you resonate with that, please give a round of applause. Even applause, as well as smiling, is information. They’re very good information for your health. I’d like you to direct your smiles and applause toward your own brain. If you smile as you clap, it brings good health as well as good fortune.

"By giving positive information to your brain like this, the information is converted into action, and change occurs in your brain. Then, change takes place in your heart, and your blood circulation is improved. When you do that, your body temperature rises 0.5 degrees (Celsius). There is a significant correlation between the condition of our brain and our temperature. If we want to, we can bring up that temperature at any time.

"But if junk information has entered and filled up your brain, your brain can’t function properly. It becomes a faulty brain. Your body temperature drops and your immune system is weakened. You lose motivation and develop various circulation problems. People who fail to address the problem of junk information could be controlled by it their entire lifetime.

"That’s why we need to inform our brains. Our brain has the capacity to purify, or detoxify, information. People who know that well are able to detox their brain and use it effectively. I made Brain Education so that many people could solve their mental health problems or issues of a faulty brain and become the owner and master of their brain."


One Brain Education exercise I especially recommend for purifying your brain is Brain Wave Vibration. By physically vibrating your body and shaking your head and tapping your body (especially your abdomen), you raise your temperature and find your negative thoughts shaking out of your brain. To see an example of Brain Wave Vibration, you can watch these videos.

As an extension of that, you can do Belly Button Healing, which activates the "brain" you have in your gut and removes both stomach indigestion and brain indigestion. Press your belly button in and out rhythmically while you concentrate your mind on your abdomen, and soon warmth and clarity will fill your body. To learn more about how to do Belly Button Healing, you can see videos here.

Jun 2018

Peace Is in the Brain

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Peace in the brain

All human beings have a key allowing them to feel inner peace, empowering them to create peace in life and the world. That key is their brain, which is the greatest gift given to humanity. A peaceful brain makes a peaceful life and a peaceful world.

The world has so much strife and confrontation now because it has so many squabbling, confrontational brains. The quality and quantity of information in a person's brain control a one’s life and determine whether there is peace in the world. To have a peaceful brain, we need to have peaceful information in it.

The Antonym of Peace

The antonym of peace is not war; it's selfishness. People's brains lack peace because they are so often full of the desire to control and possess and the need to satisfy selfish longings. While selfishness is a basic human tendency, there is hope for peace, because human brains are not artificial constructs. They are works of nature, and nature is not selfish. It does not try to control or possess.

Always underlying our selfish desires are our natural Hongik instinct and conscience. Our Hongik instinct is the innate goodwill toward all others and the caring mind and heart we all have inside us. But how can we access this instinct, regardless of the challenges or conflicts we may face?

The Most Important Question

Of all the lifeforms existing on the planet, humans alone are capable of asking themselves, "Who am I?" Their quest for the answers to this question takes them deep within themselves—the only place these answers reside. At the end of their journey, they encounter their true peaceful nature and meet the divinity that exists in their brains.

By divinity, I mean our brains' capacity for creativity. All of us inherited the capacity for creation from the Creator, and we also inherited the desire to do good for all people, all creation—the Hongik spirit.

When we’ve discovered our divinity and our true nature, our conscience, we’ve discovered our source of peace. We can see past our selfish desires and negative thoughts. Then we have greater capacity to choose peaceful thoughts and actions. The power to choose is part of our creative power.

Once the brain is freed this way, liberated from negative information and oppressive values, we realize that existence itself is health, happiness, and peace. We come to understand that we don't need to rely on others or institutions for health, happiness, and peace. We are confident that we have them within, whole and complete. And we wake up to the understanding that all life existing on the planet is one, having come from a single root. We are one with the earth, one with the cosmos. This is the ultimate enlightenment. We realize through the divinity in our brain that we are a cosmic, universal being.

Creating Earth Citizens

The Brain Education method I developed is designed to guide people to the peace in their brain, to all of these realizations. I call the people who have experienced the peace in their brain and the oneness of all beings Earth Citizens. They are people who use their brains creatively, having mastered them through Brain Education.

And through their creation, the peace they discovered in their brain can become peace throughout the earth. We can truly do great things when hearts concerned for all come together.

On June 15, 2001, the first anniversary of the inter-Korean summit of 2000, approximately 12,000 Earth Citizens (what I called Earth Humans then) came together in Seoul, South Korea for the First New Millennium World Peace and Humanity Conference. As part of the conference, we created and recited the Earth Citizen Declaration. Every June 15th since that day has been Earth Citizen Day.

I hope the number of people declaring themselves Earth Citizens continues to grow and reach 100 million. Then we will have reached a tipping point of Earth Citizens on the planet, and Earth Citizen values can become commonplace around the world. 

Pledge of Earth Citizens

  • As a responsible Earth Citizen, I agree to develop body, mind and spirit to get healthier naturally and become self-reliant.  

  • As an honorable Earth Citizen, I agree to cultivate the highest human virtues and greatness of human spirit.  

  • As a caring Earth Citizen, I agree to work with fellow Earth Citizens to create a peaceful, sustainable world.

To make this dream come true, I started the Earth Citizen Movement and founded the non-profit Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) to move the movement forward. You can learn more about ECO at EarthCitizens.org, where you can also take the Earth Citizen pledge and offer your support.


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