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Nov 2016

Oftentimes, an ocean raging with rough waves and storms makes us afraid and uncomfortable. However, from the viewpoint of the Tao, these are all part of a natural process of change and purification. A silent ocean without waves or storms is a dead ocean without any life.

A person who knows the Tao does not fear the waves and storms of the ocean. Flow with the Great Wave of Life created by nature, and burn each and every moment of your life for the value and dream that you believe in. Use all circumstances as an opportunity to awaken, choose, and act.

I suggest actualizing a lifestyle that benefits everyone, including the earth, by circulating positivity and hope. You can do it if you view the world with the eyes of Tao. Then, the energy of change that is sweeping many corners of the globe can become the soil for your dreams.

I dream of a world filled with love for humanity and love for the earth. In my dream, human beings practice Earth Management. We look at the whole earth and manage its resources in a sustainable way that allows all people and other creatures to live healthfully and happily in harmony with nature. This dream can only be achieved through each and every moment of each and every person's life whose consciousness is awake. These people are the hope of the earth and the hope of humanity.

To awaken people's body, mind, and conscience, open their Tao eyes, and empower them to live with positivity and hope, I developed Brain Education, and more recently, Belly Button Healing and its Healing Life wand. Belly Button Healing uses the powerful acupressure point of the belly button to activate and circulate your body's internal energy, maximizing its natural healing ability while clearing any negative emotions and brightening your spirit.

Then, centered in the Tao, with sparking eyes of light and a healthy body of activated internal energy, you can heal your family and community. This world needs this now more than ever.

Oct 2013

Depending on our thoughts, emotions, and current circumstances, our view of life and the world changes easily. But we aren’t always aware of the influences that affect our world view or choices. Often, we live looking through a mental-emotional frame or filter created by our past experiences, hopes, expectations, and beliefs without even being aware of it. Sometimes we get flashes of awareness, especially when we have to face conflict or hardship, or sometimes other people point out the way we are or the conceptions we hold, and we can see ourselves more clearly.

Our mental-emotional filter or baggage can keep us trapped. Even if we desire a change, we are carrying too much weight to alter our course easily and cannot see ourselves or our situation clearly enough to make an effective plan of action. We may get caught thinking, “That’s the way I am,” or “That’s the way things are.”

If we drop our baggage, we recalibrate our perception and recover our innate capacity for pure observation. We bring ourselves back to zero, a pure state in which we can perceive the ultimate truth and our essential nature. When our calibration is set to zero, we reach a pure and neutral, bright, illumined state of nothingness.

A state in which we are filled with emotion, whether positive or negative, while it may seem exhilarating like a roller coaster, is instead a sleeping state—one filled with shadow. The vague shadows of emotion make our inner eyes heavy and cover the truth. Once we step into the light, however, instead of only seeing what is just in front of us, we can perceive everything around us, above and below, to infinity.

In this pure, neutral, enlightened state, we are free to change direction and make different choices. One of those choices is deciding the information and values by which we live. Reaching this state, what I call the zero point, is an important step in making a profound and far-reaching change. While it is not one we can maintain at all times, experiencing zero point and being able to access it as needed helps us remain conscious of our filter and become able to use our emotions and preconceptions for the purpose of our life.

Letting ourselves descend to our center, to zero point, means reaching great enlightenment. But letting go of our emotions in order to do this can generate great fear, as if we were preparing to bungee jump off a steep, high cliff. Although our emotions are just vague shadows, it is difficult to sense the unknown light beyond them; they are comfortable, and the brightness is not.

The moment we leap boldly in spite of fear, however, that’s when real freedom comes. We can’t jump, though, if we keep that fear. That’s why the path of enlightenment is said to be one of brilliant solitude. In that jump, we release our attachment to the shadows, to the ever changing, and descend into the steady Truth.

To overcome our fear, we need to remember what is greater than it, what we want even more—to avoid the even greater pain and fear that comes with giving up on our growth and to embrace the feeling of deeply satisfying happiness that exists at zero point.

The way to reach zero point in the shortest amount of time is feeling our energy. Methods such as Brain Wave Vibration, Jigam, and Dahnmu allow us do to do this. I’ve talked about feeling energy many times because it’s the most basic sense I believe one should develop for being one with our true self at zero point.

We have to let go of whatever we hold in our hands in order to hold something new. In the same way, genuine choice and change finally become possible in a pure state that is emptied of thoughts and emotions.

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