Jan 2016

Are You Part of the Information Era?

By Ilchi Lee Comment

We are now in what I call the "Information Era"—a time in which information actualizes into material reality. In the past, only those who had power and/or vast knowledge gained success. However, in the Information Era—the age of the interconnectedness of the internet—information is transmitted and distributed beyond the limitations of nationality, religion, culture, hierarchy, and social class. Now, the priority is not accumulation of information, but rather, how one creates and uses information. 

Information, if unused, is only information. However, if information is integrated into your outlook, made part of your lifestyle, and practiced regularly, energy is added to it. When enough energy is generated through your conviction and action, it becomes matter. Then it's able to be used. In this way, the mind and material are not separate. They are one. The information that makes up your mind becomes energy. Accumulated energy becomes material reality. I have called the unity of mind, energy, and matter, LifeParticles.

If you scatter the information and disrupt the focus of energy in the middle of this process, however, then the speed at which information is transmitted rapidly decreases. This inevitably prevents a material outcome because enough energy cannot accumulate. In order for energy to accumulate, it must be concentrated and unified.

Debate and discussion exist to unify information, especially among a group of people. However, once you've united information and chosen the the direction you should take, then you must not discuss or debate that direction any further. If you keep arguing over already unified information, then you will fall into chaos in the process. Until you achieve unified information, you need to debate and discuss freely and share to see if there’s any better information out there. However, when you’ve achieved unified information through discussion and debate, then the next step is to take action. Don’t just talk and think about the possible methods. You must act and build energy through that. You must not diffuse and separate that energy.  


Choose Your Information

The information you to which you choose to give energy determines your value, as well as what you create. In the same way, in this Information Era, the type of information humanity chooses and creates will determine the continuity or destruction of human civilization. 

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are models of success in the Information Era. Rather than being studious individuals who acquired a lot of knowledge, they were individuals who achieved success by changing people's lifestyle with material products based on one idea. They are examples of people who utilized and created information.

However, their goal was to achieve success among the infinite competition. In order for the human civilization to continue and grow, I would propose a different goal—that of Hongik. The goal of Hongik means to benefit each other and live harmoniously with one another. It requires being awakened to the fact that human consciousness is connected to all life and that we need to benefit all life forms. It also requires being owners of information—choosing information and using it instead of letting it choose and rule over us.

Some people are “happy makers” who create good news every day through positive actions and words. They choose information that is beneficial and empowering and that allows them to accomplish their goals. There are also “sad makers” who trap themselves within their own thoughts and fall into their own victim consciousness, fear, and guilt, and therefore pollute everything around them. When we understand that human beings are owners of information in this Information Age, we can choose whether we are happy makers or sad makers.


It's All In the Brain

The process of accepting, choosing, using, and creating information is all accomplished by the brain. This is why the human brain is important in the Information Era. The brain chooses information and creates energy by repeating that information and training itself in that information through command. Then, that energy accumulates and is birthed as one shape or material reality. 

This is why the amount and quality of information in a human brain determines one’s value. How you use the brain and for what purpose not only determines the future of your own individual life, but also the future of all humanity. 

That is why I created Brain Education. The spirit and philosophy of Brain Education is Hongik. Brain Education was birthed into this world to let people know about their brain—what its value is, what its purpose is, and how to use it. 

For teaching Brain Education, I created many educational institutions, from the high school to the graduate school level. Through this education, people learn how to choose information for Hongik, for the purpose of their growth and the continued growth of human civilization.

In the Information Era, people who make and use information need to emerge. They are the creators of the future. That's what using your brain is. There are those who live as slaves as information, and those who make information. Let us all make and use information well.