Jan 2016

Do You Realize How Important You Are?

By Ilchi Lee Comment

The latest tour group to come to our Mago Holiday Park is actually made of middle school and high school students from South Korea who participate in a program to develop their character. One of the program prerequisites is to walk on their hands, which they learn through a 12-step process.

I had a chance to talk to this group of bright youth today, so I asked them to demonstrate their handstand walking. It mustn't have been easy to learn to do. Handstand walking requires a lot of practice to develop your strength and balance, as well as the willingness to get up again and again when you inevitably fall, even while knowing you're likely to fall again. Going through the process of learning how to walk on your hands makes you healthy and confident. It's a means of mastering your body and mind. When you walk on your hands, it's not just about muscle strength. It's a mental exercise. You have to employ focus and balance.

These young kids were all able to walk on their hands because they set it as a goal . . . a dream. Having achieved this goal, they were able to understand when I talked to them about the importance of having a dream—but not just any dream. I reminded them that what they choose to do with their lives will determine the future of the planet. They are the generation that has to save the earth—that's how important they are. In fact, we are all that important.

This dream can appear daunting. Faced with it, we may feel that it's impossible to do. Rather than restricting our dream to what's possible in our current circumstances and saying we can't do it, I told the students to start with what they can do . . . and just do it. 

I showed them how that's what I did to open the Mago Holiday Park that they were now experiencing. I couldn't do much to make visitors comfortable or help them experience the natural beauty in the beginning, because most of the things I wanted to do required a permit. Rather than not doing anything and simply waiting for the permits, however, I figured out what I could do right away, such as setting up a tent, building decks, making swings, and planting trees. I've even begun to plant hwangchil trees on the land here, which is a tree that has many natural healing properties.

These young Earth Citizens were ready to shoulder the dream of steering humanity and the earth toward a brighter future, thanks to the mental and physical toughness they've developed through their program.

What is your dream? Are you ready to begin? Do you realize how important you are?