Jun 2016

Earth Citizen Song

By Ilchi Lee Comment

There's a certain spot in New Zealand called Three Kings Island that's really hard to get to. It takes about 16 hours by boat. I went there once, and we arrived around 3 am. I looked up at the sky, and I was so surprised. I've been in so many places in the world, and I've never seen stars like that. It was like all the stars were falling out of the sky. As I saw those stars, I wrote a poem. I would like to share that poem with you.

Did you see the stars in the sky?
Do you feel the stars?

In the shining stars, there your dream is.
In the shining stars, there is hope.
In the shining stars, there is our song.

The stars whisper to you endlessly,
We are one, and
We are family and friends existing
In the same time and space.

They whisper to us, let us share love with one another,
let's share in this vision

Let's stay strong, hold your head up,
And look at me, I love you.
Open your heart wide and take in everything with your breath.
Breathe with the stars and breathe with nature.
Just as the stars always shine in the sky,
Your soul will also shine together.

We are Earth Citizens, Earth Citizens, Earth Citizens.
Let's become stars on earth, all together,
let us become hope and let us become dreams.