Apr 2015

Light Your Creative Spark

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Looking for a creative spark to solve a new problem? A good idea is not likely to come to you from thinking logically. Instead you need to open your mind and set it free in the greater creativity of the universe. You need a bolt of inspiration.

Inspiration is high level information that comes from the universe into your brain when your energy is balanced and circulating well in your body. With steady and balanced energy flow, mental blocks to inspiration are unlikely to form and fresh energy is able to come into you. 

solar meditation

Information and inspiration are energy. The universal energy that comes down to you ignites your creative inspiration. By acting on that inspiration, you solve issues and gain wisdom. 

Wisdom is like sunlight. It allows you to thrive naturally and shine brightly from within. On the other hand, dry intake of knowledge from books or other media, or even people, is artificial, not natural. It does not give life as sunlight does. It's difficult to create with "artificial" energy. Instead, knowledge often remains only as empty knowledge without having a real effect on your life or that of others. It fails to bring a fundamental change of consciousness as wisdom does.

Connect with the pure and peaceful energy of the universe through meditation and breathing. Unlimited creativity will wake up within you, and you will be able to design the circumstances of your life. With the energy balance, energy circulation, and inner focus that results from meditation and mindful abdominal breathing, you become in tune with your inner nature. Then even lifeless facts can transform into wisdom. You become aware of how to use any information to support and grow the life inside you. The information and knowledge of the world truly becomes your own, and the solution to any challenge will come to you.