Feb 2015


By Ilchi Lee Comment

One (Il, —)

ChunBuKyung - Heavenly CodeYour value is not tied to anything.
Your true value is that you are a free being.
Knowing that you are a free being, that’s the essence of the ChunBuKyung.

Belonging to something is not “— (Il).” “—” is your value. “—” is not an “—” that pertains to heaven and earth and human. At the same time, “—” is heaven, earth, and human. It is freedom. It is eternality.

Our physical body is a beginning and an end. Your mind, as you are aware of it, is not confined by such things. The spiritual world doesn’t work that way. The enlightened value goes beyond the material world. Il Shi Mu Shi Il / Il Jong Mu Jong Il. At the same time, it doesn’t pertain to heaven and earth. It’s about the quality of being eternal.

Where did we come from? We came from the sun, we came from air, and we came from water. We came from all nature. We are one with nature. Knowing that, you must protect the value that you’ve found from it. If you don’t protect a value, you lose it.

True vision comes from spirit. Honoring, upholding, and spreading spirit and value—that’s the path for us, we who are living on the confusing path of this 21st century. Being in that place, and for your consciousness to be alive and moving through enlightenment . . . It’s “— (Il),” human value that has transcended time and space.

Go beyond time and space and take ownership. In the midst of countless change, hold onto one thing. Everyone grows older and becomes aged. What do you attain through that process? When you know “—,” you have to know “—.” If you know “—,” then it really is a happy thing. I came to the earth to let you know about one, about “— (Il).”
The hand that shows you “—.” That’s why my name is Ilchi—one hand.