Feb 2019

Only This Is My Life . . . My Value . . . My Dream

By Ilchi Lee Comment

walking on life's journey

It seems that from a certain time, we embarked on a long voyage. It seems that this voyage was begun without knowing when or why it started or without knowing who I am.

We need to know who we are and what this earth really is. We can't just keep living blindly as we have been.

This voyage of life that we go on—knowing nothing, becoming a person; becoming a man and becoming a woman, loving and hating; fighting one another and destroying, controlling, taking from, and killing each other; getting married and getting divorced; getting pregnant, impregnating women, making families and destroying them; and growing up and getting old and sick, and then dying—this isn't a voyage. It is aimless wandering and confusion.

That's enough now. Enough! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Now it’s time for a new life, one in which I truly know myself and I know Life itself, in which I know time and space, and I know my value. Only this is my life. Only this is my value. Only this is my dream.

I am the master of my life! Me! Me! Me! Us! We are the master of our lives!

May we all come together as one, and let us make true happiness on earth. May we come together—all of us together.

We can do it if we connect to ourselves—to our bodies, our hearts, and our divine nature in our brains. All of this knowledge is there. Connect inside and feel that we are all already together as one.