May 2018

Response to the Inter-Korean Summit

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Kim Jong-un with Moon Jae-inNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the Inter-Korean Summit on April 27, 2018 in Panmunjom, South Korea. (Photo by Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images) 

On April 27, the day of the summit between North and South Korea, when an agreement to work together on ending the Korean War and the Korean conflict by confirming the common goal of realizing, through complete denuclearization, a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula was signed, a message came to me while I was meditating. It was from Mother Earth. She said: "This is the day we have been waiting for so eagerly."

And I knew that this is the beginning. The time has come to put the bad times behind us forever.

Let us do away with domination and subjection by the vested interests of the conservative and progressive and with the manipulation of all sorts of conflict and division and our habit of dispute and contention, which has become the norm over the years, and write a new history of great accord.

Good politics, good economics, and good education are not simply handed to us through the system. They develop as they are created and manifested by people who are awakened and know they have divinity, creative power, in their brain. This is the true consciousness of the democratic citizen of this era. The leading figures of a new history of the earth are what I call Earth Citizens. It is now time for Earth Citizens to awaken to who they truly are: people of greatness.

But people of true greatness do not attain greatness automatically because they say they have greatness. It is crucial to make the choices necessary for obtaining greatness, such as the choice to actualize a world in which every member of humankind coexists and prospers in peace. The people who have chosen greatness—whatever the enlightenment, whatever the adversity, whatever the fear—are all meaningful and valuable. What matters is what you choose.

Choosing greatness means becoming a determining agent of peace and reconciliation, believing in yourself with dignity and pride, and living with the Hongik spirit of benefitting all. With this giving spirit, we must wake up our core nature of love and harmony, found in the disposition and heart inside of us. It is this kind of spirit that can make all the earth—you, me, all of us—healthy, happy, and peaceful.

Earth Citizens

Start to choose by asking yourself questions such as: What does the 21st century Earth mean to me? It is questions like these that produce a reality that changes your great choices, as well as the great promises that cause those choices to be actualized. The answer to this question that I have chosen? You and I have come  because the 21st century Earth wanted us here desperately.

Before we are the citizens of any country, the members of any race, or the followers of any religion, we are of this Earth. We are Earth Humans—Earth Citizens. We must waste no time in breaking free from the small fences and boundaries that we have built and be enlightened to our true roots as Earth Citizens.

The time has come for the people who have answered the earth's call and come here out of love for the earth to come together with their hands on their hearts. If Earth Citizens who live with the earth and humankind as their core values were to gather in various parts of the world with an earnest wish for peace, and were to explode the Earth Citizen consciousness to expand their numbers to one million, ten million, and one hundred million, the future of the earth would surely be brighter than it is now.

An era of loving the earth and loving humans, as all peoples, religions, and life are respected, is coming. I pray with all my desperate and sincere heart that with the reconciliation of North and South Korea as the starting point, the great choices of Earth Citizens will actualize the true, core nature of human beings and the beauty of what is right. The great choices of humankind will tie together the 5 major oceans and 6 major continents in synergy and harmony and form a stepping stone to connecting and managing the entire world as one.