Feb 2016

Swimming from the River to the Ocean

By Ilchi Lee Comment

A fish that lives in a river cannot survive in the ocean. It would need a completely different constitution.

And yet, that's where we're headed. The consciousness and energy of the planet, which has so far been like a river, is changing to that of an ocean. Likewise, the conscious beings on this planet, the human beings, need to change our constitution to match that of the ocean. We need to change our small minds, which think first and foremost of our personal interests, to larger minds—public minds that think of the interests of everyone. This larger mind is the mind of an Earth Citizen. 

This transition cannot be made all at once; it takes time. However, we can start now. In fact, we need to start now and practice every day. How we live each and every day is important.

As we make our way to the ocean, at first, because the ocean is salty, we won’t be able to breathe in it, and we'll feel like we can’t live there. It will feel like it doesn't suit us at all. This feeling is the impetus to change. If we expand our consciousness to the greatness of the ocean, we will develop the capacity to breathe in it. Then we will be able to see beyond what we could see before.

To expand our consciousness this way, we need to stay positive. In order to do that, we must purify any negative energy, thoughts, or emotions with meditation and mind-body exercises such as bowing meditation and Brain Wave Vibration.

We also need to speak and act in a positive way every day. Instead of spreading dark and heavy energy to those around us, we can be considerate of others. Even if we don’t feel great, we can compliment people, smile at them, and say positive words every day. Through this, we will change from the inside out.