Jan 2019

True Peace Is in Your Heart

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Ilchi Lee smiling in New Zealand

Pure love and peace come without condition. 
Conditional love and peace are imperfect. 
Peace comes in the moment we smile. 
Smiling is the gateway to encountering peace and true love.

True love and peace are found within; 
they don't come from the outside. 
You can become one with all life through smiling. 
Peace comes without condition in this way.

Peace is not somewhere far off. 
True peace isn't something massive.
For the essence of peace is found in our hearts.

True peace is very natural, not artificially created. 
Peace itself is a true picture of our lives. 
That's why we want peace.

We humans have lost the peace we once had. 
We try too hard to find that peace. 
We long for artificial peace. 
We seek that peace from our neighbors and the people around us. 
That's not the original peace. 
The original peace is found in your heart, not in others.

Let's no longer beg for peace. 
Let's not try to get peace from others. 
Real peace is inside you. 
Those who have encountered the peace within 
have genuinely encountered the soul of the earth. 
True peace is in our hearts. Seek and find that peace.

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