Mar 2016

What I Really Want to Tell Everyone

By Ilchi Lee Comment

The message I always get whenever I listen to the divinity inside of me is that we need to be responsible for the future of the earth. That's what I call being an Earth Citizen. To start this work, I have started on a smaller scale with myself. Firmly centered in the knowledge that I am a part of nature, and that as such, I have divine capacity to create, I take charge of the health of my own body. Then I also help manage the health of my family, and then the future of my country. Finally, I extend my awareness and responsibility to the whole earth.

I hope that you feel that you also have divinity within and create yourself and your life. And then when your awareness grows, the divinity inside of you will say that you also have to be responsible for the future of the earth. That's what I want to share with everyone, all humankind, all throughout the world.

Because religions or nations are not going to take responsibility for the future of humanity. Because individuals are losing their dreams. And countries need to have dreams too. Everybody needs a dream that we can all share together. We need to have a dream that every country can participate in together. We need that great dream that all religions and organizations can have together.

I believe that dream is Earth Citizenship. I hope we can carry out an Earth Citizen Movement and all be responsible for the future of the earth together.