With Your Final Strength, Achieve Your Impossible Dream

By Ilchi Lee Comment

Do you have an impossible dream? Is it really impossible? It may seem like it, because the amount of strength and energy needed to make it reality may appear to be too much. But, it's not greater than the strength you have.

The strength you need to bring your impossible dream to fruition is the final strength used in the face of death. It's the strength you pull out when you're ready to use every last ounce and die fighting. It's the strength you find when you've decided to take your last breath, and it's your mind in that moment.

The source of that strength is the power of the mind, not only your small mind, but your divine mind. And after that comes physical power.

If you live each and every day with the mindset you would have in the face of death, every obstacle will flee from you. Even if obstacles come to you, they will run away. The strength to make every obstacle run away comes from the resolve to use everything right here and now.

Choose and promise this, and your destiny will change.

Examine your strength, and focus on your dream. Then use every last bit of strength, your dying strength, the strength you need for death.