Nov 2016

Your Mind Can Save You

By Ilchi Lee Comment

We are all different from each other. We experience conflict because we are different. Although our bodies are separate from each other, however, our minds can become one. Because the Original Mind, the True Nature that is our essence, is the same for everyone. And our original energy is also the same.

My Original Mind is the mind of the cosmos, and the mind of the cosmos is my Original Mind. My internal energy is the same as cosmic energy, and cosmic energy is my internal energy. This also goes for you, too. Unspeakable peace and joy are found in that realization.

Because of this, the world is yours. Everything depends on your attitude. Your mind can kill you, and it can save you. Your mind can control and influence everything. The world will become peaceful when more people recover health of body and feel oneness and peace of mind. Let's try to create a better world this way.