Jan 2014

Discovering Our True Value

By ilchi lee Comment

“A chakra healing guide heals with light,” Ilchi Lee told the 140 Body & Brain Yoga members and 60 Body & Brain Yoga instructors who attended the Chakra Healing Guide Training at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa in Ellenville, New York for two days on January 25th and 26th.

There to learn how to be Chakra Healing Guides and help people change their life by balancing the energy in their chakras, the participants were told, “You have received healing through light, and, therefore, you can give healing through light. Each of your chakras has a color. And each color has a different healing property. For example, this is green. Green has very powerful healing properties. So it’s life, as trees are green with life. You all received the light, right? It was a powerful light that was transmitted to your brain.

Once again, close your eyes, and imagine that light. And then when you gently shake your head and do Brain Wave Vibration, and you move your body too, that green light will envelope your body, and then you’ll feel that you’re there inside of that light. That light starts from your brain and it wraps around you. Your brain is like a camera. It already took a picture. It took a picture of that light, and it will never be erased. That light is healing you. . . . Energy changes into light, and it changes into sound, and it changes into rhythm. All of those are energy. The truest substance, the true nature of life is energy.”

Ilchi Lee - chakra healing

Light healing meditation is not the only healing tool Ilchi Lee gave the participants. He also showed themSoul Stepping and Bird of the Soul meditation, explaining that what many people are really lacking today is knowing their true or absolute value. That value can be discovered when they meet their true self, or their soul, inside of them. Soul Stepping and Bird of the Soul meditation are energy meditations that allow us to feel the pure energy of our soul using rhythm and visualization respectively.

After experiencing these meditations, many of the participants shared one woman’s sentiment: “I was touched that I can feel my soul and be free through the soles of my feet.” Another participant from Manhattan, New York acknowledged: “Simply by moving and dancing, I could just change. With the bird of my soul, I was not alone any more. In the rhythm of life, I felt so comfortable.”

Ilchi Lee also told participants that it’s important to release our stress and always have a smile on our face. Doing this will make our soul happy and make our Brain Operating System (BOS) function optimally. It’s the people who know how to use their BOS who can heal themselves and change the world, he said.

Then he reminded participants that, “In order to live a healthy life, in order to live a happy life, in order to make the world peaceful, we have to raise and increase human value,” by sharing the techniques they learned with other people, by both showing the people around them and by teaching classes online.

Chakra Healing Guide Training participants had two sessions in addition to the one given by Ilchi Lee. They were led by ChungHae, a main trainer at Honor’s Haven who also teaches a Younggamudo, or Dance of the Soul, workshop.

This is the second time this year this special workshop for Body & Brain Yoga members was given. The first one took place at the Miami Body & Brain Center on January 19th. One final workshop will be given this year at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, Arizona on February 8th and 9th.