Highest Award of Qigong Association in Korea

By Linda Suh Comment

Today, August 8th, marks the day Ilchi Lee received a mission to save humanity and its future through the philosophy of "Hong-Ik In-Gan Ee-Hwa Sae-Gye," which means "benefitting all life including oneself and others for a peaceful and harmonious world."

For 35 years, since he received this message on August 8th, 1980, Ilchi Lee has worked tirelessly to spread this philosophy globally.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary, the Kookhak Qigong Association inducted Lee to the position of "Dae Sun Sa," the highest spiritual title given by them.

At the induction event, there were also many performances of Kookhak Qigong, which is Qigong based on traditional Korean cultural roots.

Many politicians attended the event to support Lee's actions in spreading his mission, and also many plaques and trophies of appreciation were given to Lee from congressmen and cities throughout South Korea.