Apr 2019

Ilchi Lee’s Philosophy Expressed in New Online Art Exhibition

By Michela Mangiaracina Comment

Ilchi Lee making calligraphy

Ilchi Lee’s educational website, ChangeYourEnergy.com, is hosting a special exhibition of his brush calligraphy between March 21st and April 30th, 2019. This is the first time Ilchi Lee’s calligraphy is being exhibited online, giving anyone an opportunity to view and/or purchase it.

Change Your Energy created this exhibition because of the calligraphy’s ability to change the energy of a viewer or a space. It’s part of the site’s commitment to empowering people to create the life and the world of their dreams.

In East Asia, brush calligraphy is valued as the highest form of expression and art because the energy, character, and intentions of the writer can be felt from every stroke. Ilchi Lee made these calligraphy works in a state of deep meditation. He said, “My soul is expressed whenever I pick up a brush, dip it in ink, and let it glide across paper. With my back and brush held straight, I relax into the flow of energy. The brush moves on its own, creating shapes and meanings I become aware of simultaneously. The wisdom and energy of life reveals itself freely moment by moment and is communicated in each brushstroke.”

The words of each piece express an important energy principle or philosophy, ones that Ilchi Lee has been teaching for almost forty years. The calligraphy communicates his hope that “every human being discovers their value and life force within them and expresses them in their lives,” the exhibition webpage states.

The exhibition includes original one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as pieces available for reprint. They are framed in a simple, yet traditional style, with the reprints made to order. Some of the original pieces are more ornate, being framed in gold with gold trim along the sides of the rice paper the calligraphy is painted on. The artwork ranges from Chinese characters to English words to abstract pictures.

After April 30th, Ilchi Lee’s calligraphy is not expected to be exhibited in the near future.