Mar 2016

Latest New Zealand Meditation Tour Gets Message of Change

By Michela Mangiaracina Comment

The latest group from the United States to take the New Zealand meditation tour designed by Ilchi Lee was the first to stay at the Haruru Falls Resort. Haruru Falls is a sacred place where Maori people had been coming for a long time to receive sacred energy prior to carrying out big events. The Haruru Falls Resort was the very first place in New Zealand to be designated as a campsite for tents and RVs.

View of Haruru Falls

Other natural and cultural sites the tour visited during their stay from February 7 to 13, 2016 on the North Island of New Zealand included Waitakere Forest, the Rainbow Warrior memorial at Matauri Bay, Mago Holiday Park, and the Maori historic and cultural site at Waitangi. Ilchi Lee gave two talks during the tour, one of which included serving the group a healthy soup made with chicken stock, kawakawa, and hwangchil leaves, which promote relaxation and natural healing.

Ilchi Lee - Maori historic and cultural site at Waitangi

Maori historic and cultural site at Waitangi

Rainbow Warrior memorial at Matauri Bay

Rainbow Warrior memorial at Matauri Bay

During one of his talks, Ilchi Lee said:
"When you go back to America, I hope you become like light and salt that can bring about change to the US. In life, opportunities come for you to change! What matters is what you choose. It's hard to do by yourself, but if you do it together, it's easy. Being born human is in itself precious and valuable. Knowing that is the first enlightenment, and it's a blessing. The fact that you were born as a precious human being, and being truly grateful--that's where you start from. And second, through an enlightenment where you awaken to your value, you design your life. Your parents don't do that for you, and they don't do that for you at school. When you become enlightened to your value, design your life, and look at the world, you see a lot of things you didn't used to see before. You see a lot, and you see time and space, and time and space are really important. You think, What should I do? You see what will make you happy and your surroundings happy. And you feel that laziness is a sin. When you become enlightened to your value, you become unable to be lazy."

Ilchi Lee - Mago Holiday Park - handshake

Ilchi Lee greets everyone at Mago Holiday Park with a handshake.

Ilchi Lee - Mago Holiday Park - lecture

Speaking on our unlimited natural potential for growth and change.

Ilchi Lee - Mago Holiday Park - group photo

Enjoy the enery of each other and of kawakawa leaves.

Many of the participants went home from the meditation tour with the desire to use their time to do as much as they could to create change in their lives and the world.

The groups from the United States that take Ilchi Lee's meditation tours in New Zealand are currently run by Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi centers. The upcoming tours that Ilchi Lee will speak at will be on:

June 3 (Fri) - 9 (Thu)
August 8 (Mon) - 14 (Sun)
December 7 (Wed) - 13 (Tue)