May 2016

New Brain Education Workshop and Conference in Queens, NY

By Michela Mangiaracina Comment

On Saturday, May 7, 2016, Power Brain Education hosted a full-day Brain Education workshop and conference at PS 144 in Queens, New York, at which Ilchi Lee was a keynote speaker. In the morning, three rounds of one-hour interactive workshop sessions were held, during which participants could choose among eight speakers each time. These sessions taught how to use Ilchi Lee's Brain Education method to increase motivation, creativity, confidence, and happiness and relieve stress and anxiety. They applied Brain Education to the needs of students, teachers, and parents. The presenters were school teachers and instructors from Power Brain Education and Body & Brain Yoga & Tai Chi.

Starting at 1 pm, three educators spoke at the conference, which lasted until 5 pm. The first to speak was the superintendent of District 7 in the Bronx, Elisa Alvarez. Her presentation shared the effects Brain Education has had on schools in her district. She said that "in the fall of last year 2015, we conducted Brain Education with 180 students who were struggling in school. By balancing the student's emotions, we saw surprising results in emotional management, social relationships, and focus. Through these findings, my District was selected as the most innovative in New York City. District 7 is now a Power Brain district and is at the forefront of spreading Brain Education to all schools." 

Next Ilchi Lee spoke on the importance of giving young people opportunities to develop their character and integrity. He introduced the Benjamin School for Character Education, which he began for high school students in his native South Korea. At this one-year program without a school building, teachers, homework, books, or tests, students choose and complete a "dream project" that ignites their creativity and helps them discover what they are passionate about. He also shared his latest Brain Education technique, which is now the easiest and fastest way to do the 5 steps of Brain Education. Called Belly Button Healing, this technique activates our "second brain," or "gut brain," and increases blood, lymph, and energy circulation. It warms the body, which enhances our immunity. With Belly Button Healing, people can use what may seem like a mere scar to form a stronger and deeper connection with themselves, other people, and the earth.

Although Ilchi Lee usually speaks in Korean and uses an interpreter, during this talk, he recited a poem he had written that had been translated into English. Called "Finding True Self," the poem speaks of the authentic selves all people have inside them. By using our will and determination, as Ilchi Lee used them to recite the poem in English, we give our true selves expression.

Last to speak was Dave Beal, Program Director and Head National Trainer for Power Brain Education. He addressed applying Brain Education to the classroom and the positive results that Power Brain Education has seen in New York City schools so far. Dave introduced the Power Brain 10, which are elements of education that Brain Education helps to develop such as team building, focus, physical health, emotional wellness, and citizenship. He led the audience in Brain Education exercises to give a taste of different elements.

The event drew 160 people in the field of education and 230 parents, for a total of 390 people. It was broadcast live on Facebook on Ilchi Lee's page, which has almost 50,000 followers. The reaction from the audience after the conference ended was very positive. One educator said that she would like to implement Brain Education at her school so she connected right away to Power Brain Education. One psychology professor from a university expressed that she wanted to work at the University of Brain Education in South Korea. She also expressed much enthusiasm about the possibility of having a version of the Benjamin School in the U.S.

Many people came together to make this workshop and conference possible.

After it was over, Ilchi Lee told them, "As the last 20 years flew by, my heart has been deeply moved. You all worked very hard. Today you demonstrated an important rule of your Brain Operating System (BOS): If you choose it, it will happen. That choice comes from will. I used to wander in my life because of my ADHD, and when I got into college after the third try I thought, 'Ah, I can't live like this anymore.' That awakening and that will I had at that moment has led me to this point. Like this, everything starts with will. Will is not your emotions. This is the power that lets you have character and integrity, which is something that only humans have. Brain Education is an educational method that evolves emotions to sensibility, sensibility to human character, and human character to divinity."