Bird of the Soul

It started with a brightly colored book filled with whimsical illustrations drawn by Jisu Han and enhanced by two audio guided meditations on a CD attached to the inside cover. It grew into a nationwide donation project that is bringing hope and joy to people of all ages. Books have been donated to schools, hospitals, women’s shelters, prisons, substance abuse counseling centers, camps, and more. Bird of the Soul inspired the creation of a Spanish edition, as well as other merchandise, including an full animation, an essential oil blend, t-shirts, and a talking doll.



The short story follows the life of Jay as he befriends the bird of his soul at birth, but loses touch with it as he gets older and turns his attention to the responsibilities and distractions of growing up and being an adult. The story’s climax reminds us that true happiness and the ability to fulfill one’s dreams can only come from an ongoing personal relationship with the inner self—the soul. However, the book does not stop with delivering this important message. The attached guided meditations and 21-day journal give people the ability to reconnect with the true self inside that they may have forgotten.


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