Training Centers

Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education method is being taught in nearly 1,000 for-profit centers worldwide. They began with just one 900-square foot center in Seoul, South Korea. That center started as a non-profit, but that model proved to be unsustainable. Now for-profit centers of different types support free community classes and non-profit movements to give people an empowering sense of trust in their brains’ potential and to enable them to use this power to create health, happiness, peace and optimal achievement for themselves and others.


In the United States, three different types of centers teach Brain Education via group classes, private sessions, workshops, and retreats. Over 60 Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi corporate locations and approximately 40 franchise locations focus mainly on adults, while five Power Brain Training Centers run by Power Brain Education focus on children and their parents and teachers.


While Ilchi Lee founded the first centers in South Korea, he no longer owns or manages them. The centers are run by enthusiastic instructors who themselves have benefitted from Brain Education.