The Solar Body

Ilchi Lee book - The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural HealingWhen your body’s natural healing ability is at its full potential, your body becomes a Solar Body. Like the sun, a Solar Body is warm and overflowing with energy. It sustains itself with its own natural processes, creating its own health and happiness. When you have a solar body, you shine brightly with health, vitality, a sunny attitude, sparkling eyes, radiant skin, and a glowing spirit.


It doesn’t take complex technology or tremendous effort to recover natural healing power and achieve a Solar Body. The Solar Body isn’t about creating an amazingly muscular physique, or developing an enviably slender waistline. It’s about reconnecting with the life force within us and reviving a sense for the balance and harmony that exist there perfectly.


The secret of natural healing power—the heart of the Solar Body concept—is found in linking body temperature, breathing, and the power of observation. When we feel our body heat and observe our breathing, we balance our body temperature, making the head cool and the lower abdomen warm. Breathing naturally grows deeper and slower. The life energy in our bodies is activated and circulates, and our natural healing power optimizes.

The Solar Body Method is a selection of the simplest, easiest, and most effective exercises Ilchi Lee developed to make your natural healing system work at its best: Sunlight Meditation, Solar Energy Circuit Training, and the Solar Body Exercises of Plate Balancing Exercise, Toe Tapping, and Brain Wave Vibration. This combination of exercises is already being practiced around the world with fantastic results. You can discover the principles and practices behind the Solar Body Method, with detailed instruction, both online and off.



Ilchi Lee book - The Solar Body


Published in May 2015, The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing, describes all aspects of the Solar Body concept and method with full-color illustrations.

Body & Brain Centers for a Solar Body


Centers around the world teach Ilchi Lee’s Solar Body Method as his latest addition to the Brain Education program. In the United States, these centers include Body & Brain centers, Power Brain Education centers, Sedona Mago Retreat center, and the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa. The Solar Body Method has been incorporated into regular classes, and is also offered as special workshops and retreats. Details about classes and workshops can be found on their individual websites.

Website is the online hub for becoming a Solar Body. Find videos of Solar Body exercises and meditations, connect with the Solar Body community, and discover exclusive offers.