In his passion to share information, energy, and methods as widely as possible that help people master their brain, get in touch with their true selves, and live as Earth Citizens, Ilchi Lee has turned to the internet. His main outlet is the educational website he founded,


This site hosts courses, webinars, articles, and lifestyle products based on Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education system of self-development. It is organized by the three powers Ilchi Lee says we need to develop continually in order to live long, happy, and complete lives: physical power, heart power, and brain power.



Users can discover their strength in each of these powers and receive recommendations on which energy principles and mind-body exercises they need to incorporate into their lives to make up any deficits. The site has an ever-expanding library of advice for removing energy blocks in their lives and creating their dreams and goals.


The premise of the site and of Ilchi Lee’s methods is that energy is easier to change than our body, habits, or environment. Yet it ultimately affects all of them and is affected by them. By knowing how to change our energy, we can take charge of our lives. It’s possible with simple exercises and techniques. When we change our energy, we can change our lives, and, as an extension, change the world. offers free and Premium Membership options. Click here to learn more.