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Ilchi Calligraphy Note Cards Set A

This set of five natural white note cards and envelopes are a perfect way to share love, peace, oneness, and happiness with inspired calligraphy and wisdom from Ilchi Lee. Ilchi Lee wrote these five sets of Asian characters while in meditation using the flow of universal energy. They are perfect for any occasion.

The Call of Sedona App

A captivating meditation guide full of stunning images and multimedia experiences, Infinity Brain brings the wisdom of Ilchi Lee’s book to life. In this app you’ll find: • 8 audio meditations set to music with 24 breathtaking full-screen photographs of Sedona. • inspirational messages from the book. • a map and directions to Sedona’s famous vortex sites. • videos introducing you to Sedona and the book.


This dynamic educational film created by New York Timesbestselling author Ilchi Lee is an offering to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. It breaks down the relationship between consciousness and matter, proposing that the two exist as one at the fundamental levels of reality. Thus, reality is changeable. Everything exists as potential, just waiting for you to choose how you want it to present itself in your life. Leaders in the fields of education, medicine, neuroscience, and spirituality such as Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Stuart Hameroff, and Mariale Hardiman, Ed.D. share their insight and techniques to effect real change in your life and in the world. Change empowers you with an invincible hope for yourself and the world. This film is more than just informational—it’s transformational.

Magnetic Meditation Kit

Using the push and pull sensation of magnets, Magnetic Meditation makes focusing your mind simpler and easier. Beginners can get into a clear meditative state quickly, and experienced meditators can go deeper than ever before. Kit includes book, 3 hematite magnets, and a velvet carrying pouch.

Bird of the Soul Essential Oil Roll On

Enhance every aspect of your life with this illuminating aroma made from the essences of sixteen different plants. Inspired by Ilchi Lee’s storybook, Bird of the Soul, and mindfully formulated under his guidance, this essential oil can help you soothe and reawaken your inner spirit. As a fragrance for the soul, it’s a great addition to your daily yoga or meditation session, heightening the rejuvenating effects of your practice. Inhale the aroma whenever you need to awaken your mind and change your mood and energy.