Old vs. Young: The Relationship Between Elders and Youth (Ilchi 120 School Ep 8)

  1. Location: Kerikeri, New Zealand
  2. Date: 2018-03-26
  3. Duration: 02:56
  4. Language: Korean with English Subtitles

"Ilchi 120 School" is a web series about longevity that Ilchi Lee developed to help you create a fulfilling and purposeful life by rethinking your lifespan and the entire aging process. 

The 8th episode asks the question: "What are the roles of elders and youth, and what is their relationship to each other?" As we become more technologically advanced as a society, many people might be feeling the gap between the elders and the youth widening. The youth no longer rely on their elders for help and ask the internet instead, while our elders seem to become more and more forgotten in a world that idolizes youth and beauty. Despite these circumstances, how can our elders and youth actively help each other to create a balanced and harmonious society?

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