What We Need (Ilchi 120 School Ep 9)

  1. Location: Kerikeri, New Zealand
  2. Date: 2018-04-03
  3. Duration: 03:23
  4. Language: Korean with English Subtitles

"Ilchi 120 School" is a web series about longevity Ilchi Lee developed to show you how to create a fulfilling and purposeful life by rethinking your lifespan and the entire aging process.

Episode 9 poses the question: "What do we need most in the 21st century?" The world is more connected now than ever, and it seems like we've advanced so much as a society to be comfortable with what we have now. But, could there be something else we need most right now that technology can't give us? If so, what could that be? What do you think you need the most in your life at this moment?

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